PSP2: The weird and sinister truth behind Sony's press conference

Rumour has it that Sony boss Kaz Hirai was afflicted at birth with a gypsy curse. That curse, while having no ill effects during his day-to-day life, causes him to suffer soul-searing embarrassment and surreally awkward mishaps every time he presents at a big Sony press conference. The most famous example of this is the mortifying reveal of the PlayStation 3 at E3 2006. But as of yesterday, there is another.

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Godmars2902701d ago

Pretty sure everyone including your grandma is aware that the PSP2's price is the elephant in the room.

A heard of elephants about to stampede.

SnuggleBandit2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

He was giving everyone a picture of the guy who wrote this article serious??

SIX2701d ago

Exactly! Most product reveals are followed by dead silence. It's for the press to take pictures of the product.


David Houghton is the author, and the opinion of the NGP is:

''When I first heard about the NGP this morning, I yawned. But it was early and I hadn’t had a coffee, so I bought one and then had another think. And I still yawned.''

Makes sense why he is making this kind of stupid articles.

Anarki2701d ago

This seems like a pretty desperate attempt for hits, imho. Lame website

plenty a tool2701d ago

so how much is this bad-boy?? although i am not into handhelds, the new psp is impressive to say the least... and i can already feel my wallet tingling!!

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StbI9902701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Doubt sony won't price this over the top notch, knowing they're going for the big fish called "Xmas" plus knowing the big year ahead that the 3DS has...expect this thing coming at 300 for 3G-less (directed for average gamers), and 400 for 3G (more than average gamers), since there are guys paying already 400/500 for an iphone/ipad < NGP, I fail to see the big fcking fuss here, there you go.

yewles12701d ago

RIP Gaming Journalism...

CrzyFooL2701d ago



mushroomwig2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Seriously, who would of thought that a simple thing like posing for pictures would create the need for such a pointless artcle.

thereapersson2701d ago

This is modern-day gaming "journalism" we are talking about. You know, I really miss the days when magazines were still relevant, and (for the most part) you could trust the words of an editor.

Now we have the ability to get anything we want published on the internet, whether or not it actually makes sense from an objectivity stand point. This guy is a troll, so it's only fitting that he would work for GamesRadar of all places. They've had it out for Sony since the beginning of this generation.

Mista T2701d ago

I thought it was funny the way he rotated slowly with the NGP in his hands and with that smile on his face. I wonder what he was thinking :P

Seraphemz2701d ago

That he is posing for the pictures that are being taken....

sobekflakmonkey2701d ago

He was posing for pictures, hence all the flashing and such...

SovereignSnaKe2701d ago

he's thinking.. Foolish Consumers.... just wait til you hear the price... >:}

slutface2701d ago

omg he was posing for pictures lol wtf is up with that journalist

RememberThe3572701d ago

He's looking for anything to get him hits. Lame stroy from a lame website.

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The story is too old to be commented.