Gamespot Gut Reactions: Sony's Next Generation Portable

Find out what the GameSpot editors think of Sony's new handheld gaming device.

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Joni-Ice2879d ago

Great Video! Im amazed how well received the NGP is. I guess this could be the most anticipated hardware of 2011.

darkdoom30002879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

good stuff.

PSP didn't do too well because sony mainly stuck to the big games.

They're cool, but it's nice to have variety. Sometimes you just want to spend 5 minutes doing something mindless. Minis and PSN stuff just came out way too late (and the minis at horrible prices)

NGP will have acess to the PS3 quality games, but with the PS.Suite they have access to small mobile games and apps, with the touch screens and gyro they can have thoes quirky DS titles, and they have the PSN download games.

$1: PS Suite
$10: PSN Games
$20-40: DS/PSP Quality
$40-50: PS3 Quality