Epic: NGP perfect for Gears-style game

Is "in the same class as PlayStation 3"

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SnakeMustDie2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

A Gears of War game for NGP? It's not like MS owns the IP. It will be hard for a Gears game to get hype on a Sony machine since its sitting right besides Uncharted. It may turn some 360 people to buy a NGP and/or PS3.

Istanbull2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Nice, does this mean Cliffy B becomes one of the Dark Side? Last year he seemed pro-PS3, really loved Heavy Rain and GoW3.

piroh2703d ago

Gears of War Sigma coming

blumatt2703d ago

Oh my gosh. I could care less if Gears came to PSP2 or not, but it would definitely be funny. I wouldn't buy it, but it would get a few 360 heads to pick up a PSP2. I just wonder if MS is ever going to make a real dedicated portable gaming platform or not. I mean, yeah sure, there's the Windows 7 Phone, but that's not the same as a PSP2 or a 3DS. Any thoughts?

VINNIEPAZ2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

"Nice, does this mean Cliffy B becomes one of the Dark Side? Last year he seemed pro-PS3, really loved Heavy Rain and GoW3."

Loving Heavy Rain and GoW3 doesnt mean you are magically "Pro PS3".

Its just shows he likes GAMES, unlike the mass fanboys on this site who cant enjoy anything unless it came from Sony. Us gamers play GAMES not SYSTEMS.

Imtey2703d ago

Square Enix - esque Megaton betrayal confirmed for E3??

vsr2703d ago

@ Vinnepaz

How can we play Games without Systems ????

ComboBreaker2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

"Nice, does this mean Cliffy B becomes one of the Dark Side? Last year he seemed pro-PS3, really loved Heavy Rain and GoW3."

You can tell that he have had a changed of heart and is now slowly embracing the PS3, first in secret, but more and more open recently.

Soon he will be consumed by the Darkness and he will kill his Master, the Microsoft join forces with the Dark Master, Sony.

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Iamback2703d ago

would love gears on ngp

joydestroy2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

i would not...
sorry, not a GeoW fan here. felt like i wasted my money on both the first and second. won't be making that mistake with the 3rd

Esena2703d ago


If you weren't a fan of the first, why did you buy the second...?

Joni-Ice2703d ago

@ Esena.....LOL So true.

fooltheman2703d ago

he did it because he thought the second would be improved?

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Etseix2703d ago

It seems that they really like the NGP and the "cross-platform" option between NGP and PS3 users, hopefully they will do a game with that option as well.

More games = more fun for everyone.

lil Titan2703d ago

there they go teasing us again smh, im looking more forward to SOCOM on the NGP now ive lost hope for gears being on any Sony system

visualb2703d ago

...if they pull off gears on that thing i'll be interested

if it looks better than any gears before it i'll get it =)

R2D22703d ago

*SPOILER ALRET* Marcus dies in GOW3 but not before he makes sweet love to the locust queen. Expect a Gear of War spin-off game with Marcus Locust Jr.

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Sonyslave32703d ago

Gears of war never coming on a sony product epic president pretty much kill that dream along time ago.

a_bro2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

they can make a new ip always. Bulletstorm on this would be pretty cool BTW.

SnakeMustDie2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Gears of War is owned by Epic not Microsoft. Epic can put Gears anywhere they want. The reason why the Gears trilogy(The 3 main games) is exclusive to the 360 is because of their contract with microsoft. Gears 3 is supposed to be Epic's last exclusive game for the 360(They can extend the contract).

They can make a Gears spin-off on the NGP or PS3 if they want. They can star Cole "Train" and Baird on that one.

BaSeBaLlKiD7212703d ago

Actually,it's the first 2 games that are exclusive to the Xbox. The 3rd could be on any platform Epic wishes it to be.

visualb2703d ago


really? then how is it possible I have Gears for my PC?! =O

AM I GOD?!?!?!!?!?!?

Whoooop2703d ago

You'll be surprised...

Christopher2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Yes... Gears-style gameplay... not Uncharted-style gameplay... *confused*

Christopher2703d ago

I'm confused because they're very similar as third-person cover shooters with melee attacks. Seriously, if a game like Uncharted can be played on the NGP, then any other third-person shooter can be played on it.

Honestly, no need to make it seem like it's some sort of revolutionary jump here to have Gears when tons of other games have been done on former PSP models as well.

Cheeseknight282703d ago

See the difference between Uncharted and Gears is the "feel" of the game. I'm not talking atmosphere or guns, just how your character controls.

Uncharted is more "floaty" like inFamous or Littlebigplanet, where your character stops a little bit after you let go of the stick. It's more realistic, but it's also a little less precise.

Gears is very "tank" like, sort of like Resident Evil, where you are always over the shoulder and cannot see the front of your character. Very slow and deliberate. They are two very different games.

Christopher2703d ago

I agree Cheeseknight28, but none of that is specific to the technical requirements needed to play any of those games. Those are designed differences in the code, that's all.

So, Epic saying it's great for Gears-style gameplay... really just means they would consider putting another TPS on the platform. It's a statement made, though, to think that they couldn't put it on most platforms already, since they can.

Esena2703d ago

They are heavily different in terms of gameplay...

Gears plays nothing like Uncharted. Sure, they are both third-person games and the use guns. But those are about all the similarities.

Christopher2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Having played Gears of War and both Uncharted games... gotta disagree.

Sure, the weapons are different and the opponents are different, but the core concepts never changed. In both, you can adjust weapon capabilities and mob capabilities, but that doesn't change what they are, only the specifics of each item, which is expected.

Esena2703d ago

I've played both too...

In Uncharted you platform, in Gears you do not. They are different genres of games. There are more differences that similarities.

Burning_Finger2703d ago

Microsoft is doomed!!

No More Exclusive For You!!!

dragonelite2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

You do know that epic is big right and 3rd party.
If they wanted they probably could release Gears 3 exclusively on ps 3 wasn't it a 2 game deal? But then you have to deal with shitty sony marketing and have to make 2 version. So a 3rd party exclusive deal is nice because of one you get microsoft marketing machine behind your ip. Only have to worry about one system. Less cost overall. Dont get me wrong i just see gears as a 360 franchise i rather have a new ip on psp 2 but im not getting one if it's over 300 then 3DS is a better option for me nintendo nostalgia can't help it.

Roozium2703d ago

Lol, everything with dual joysticks are good for Gears type games.

no_more_trolling2703d ago

well said bro
this is a waste of article

people are so stupid nowadays

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