TGS 2007: No MGS4 Demo Planned

Earlier today, the rumor mill practically exploded with news that Kojima Productions would be releasing the TGS demo of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on the PSN. The demo, which placed Snake in the same war zone seen at the Metal Gear 20th anniversary, also showed off new features such as the Octo-Camo, revamped CQC and weapon customization elements.

IGN contacted Ryan Payton at Kojima Productions, who was handling the MGS4 demo behind closed doors at the Tokyo Game Show, about the possibility of the demo being released. While he said the team would be interested in considering the release of a Metal Gear Solid Demo, there are no plans to release the TGS demo over the PSN at this time, or potentially ever. It appears that this was all a case of wishful thinking on someone's part.

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HeartlesskizZ3896d ago

This is so sad, you kill all my high hopes with this story.

DiLeCtioN3896d ago

sorry zoul even i am angry cus i was sooo ready for a demo...but news is news eh even if its the downfall of my console(ps3)

HeartlesskizZ3896d ago

Yes I know but omg thats the biggest let down. I prefer MGS4 this xmass then HOME

DrPirate3896d ago

What a buzzkill :\

And Home delay, no rumble until spring, and no mgs demo aren't the demise of the PS3. They're just things that would have been hella nice to have now, I'm pretty fed up of waiting....

sandip7873896d ago

whattttttttt????? snaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkeeeee ee!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh that story made my day, and this story killed off my joy.

DiLeCtioN3896d ago

first home delay and now no mgs4 demo...lets hope we get good news later on

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The story is too old to be commented.