New Kirby Wii game coming from HAL Laboratory

There's a new Kirby game coming to the Wii. And this time, it's far more epic than yarn. Tucked inside Nintendo's quarterly report is mention of a new Kirby sequel, developed by series originator HAL Laboratory.

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pcz2731d ago

what are nintendo playing at? we just had a new kirby game. for fuck sake, at least give us a franchise that hasn't already been bled to death... like f zero!

ChickeyCantor2731d ago

We havnt had a traditional console kirby in years.
Im glad this is coming.

pcz2731d ago

kirby epic yarn hasn't even been released in uk yet, and i want to get that. yarn looks brilliant... but another kirby game? why not put the energy into something new? like pikmin.. kirby already has a critically acclaimed game on the wii, no wonder people criticise nintendo for milking their franchises.

ChickeyCantor2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

What makes you think just one team is working on games?
Pikmin team is NOT the same team as the Kirby team and so forth.

The R&D team is also looking for new types of gameplay.
There goes billions into R&D, its not money they want to be putting to waste.

And how is it milking if both these Kirby games [play] differently.

Mahr2731d ago

"we just had a new kirby game"

Epic Yarn was not a Kirby game. It was a completely unrelated platformer that Nintendo put Kirby in for brand cred.

Also, this game was in development first.

eagle212731d ago

hell yeah, it's from HAL (Kirby, Super Smash Bros.) .....that is all I need to really say. :)

Cheeseknight282731d ago

I wish they would make another Smash Bros instead... I would take a new one of those any day.

Maybe a Wii2 launch title... I can dream...

pcz2731d ago

i really dont rate hal. smash brothers gets on my nerves. im playing it now... its a bit boring

multipayer2731d ago

HAL is best developer nintendo has IMO, glad to see they came out from under their rock.

silkrevolver2731d ago

I really liked the art-style of Epic Yarn, but this looks great.

eagle212731d ago

no doubt..and it is a big hit with nintendo just announced 1.4m for Yarn in 2 months.

supersonicsaga2731d ago

Kirby is one of my favorites. I can't wait to play it.

Samus HD2731d ago

this game looks great but shouldn't we wait for the next generation kirby

ChickeyCantor2731d ago

Cause next generation kirby is bound to be made right?

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