PSP2 Vs 3DS: Spec Analysis

NowGamer: The facts are in, we compare the two next-gen handhelds to try to decide who comes out on top...

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Istanbull2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Not my words, these are the verdicts from the site:

Screen: PSP2 wins

Controls: PSP2

Battery life: PSP2 wins

Graphics: PSP2 wins

Connectivity: PSP2 wins

Media Storage: PSP2 wins

Games: dead heat=tie?

Price: no verdict, but they call 3DS the most expensive portable console. Wich is a LIE, here in Europe, the PSP1(value pack) released for 249 euros, I paid 299 euros for my PSP1 Giga pack(1gb memory stick wich was huge at the time)

So overall: PSP2 seems to win at every category, now we need to know the price!

BrianG2850d ago

I could be mistaken. But I thought I read the 3DS was going to be 300 euros? Or at least 249 euros?

Do you know?

Greek God2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

sth around that
there is still no official price

zeeshan2850d ago

If Sony can price it right then PSP2 is going to sell millions BUT, the whole 3D fiasco is going to attract a LOT of people to 3DS. Nintendo is hands down the king of portable gaming devices started from Gameboy days. However, it's not always about the hardware. Sony has a huge lineup of first party developers. Bigger than Nintendo and M$ combined and if the device is easy to code for then I can firmly say that PSP2 is going to rule.

Parapraxis2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Price points are based on the cost of the console alone, not bundles.

So 3DS, as of now is the most expensive portable console.

(LOL @ people disagreeing with fact)

tplarkin72850d ago

Power is almost irrelevant in the handheld market. It's the Nintendo brand that needs to be defeated if Sony hopes to win the battle.

We've seen many great and powerful handhelds that were crushed by Nintendo's brands.

Samus HD2849d ago

so did psp over ds
but not very successful- do you know why??
cuz they focus only on the specs and hardware and the powerfull-nes not in the fun or games

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femshep2850d ago

3ds is like the DSIxl nothing
cant wait for the NGP!.....i just hope it will float psp didnt =[

Parapraxis2850d ago

PSP has done really well.
Quit trolling.

femshep2850d ago

not trolling
aside from monster hunter p3p metal gear and well for me personally the final fantasy and star oceans

there was no games or even an exclusive series for it

KillingAllFanboys2850d ago

Dude stop trolling how about 3DS, NDS= Nintendo Defeat Sony....yess the NGP looks just like the psp to me nothing but graphics that is it have fun with your $350-$400 handheld.

Confused2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

65 million sold = fail? Hmmm.....

Samus HD2849d ago

yeaap Fail
even 65 milion x2 isn't close to ds sales

Kon2850d ago

Getting both day 1.

guitar_nerd_232850d ago

thirded they both seem damn cool to me why does everything have to be a competition?

StbI9902850d ago

Nah, gotta get the 3DS first for ocarina of time, burn the nostalgia then trade for a NGP just like what i did with the Ds then Psp, love gaming handheld, but not that fond on having both at the same time. also that only mean more money spents.

Stealth20k2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Screen: Opinion ( dual screens, 3d vs sheer clarity)

Controls: Opinion

Battery life: Pretty much a tie (the 3ds is 3-5 hours on Max settings. Its 5+ hours otherwise)

Graphics: PSP2 wins (but largely irrelevant)

Connectivity: psp 2

Media Storage: Pretty much a tie

Games: Opinion

So yeah , thats the truth. And in the end irrelevant

On paper the psp was better than the ds too but nintendo took sony to school.

I will be getting both

HxCGamer2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

connectivity is not opinion

Kroganwrex2850d ago

This comment wins. I also think 3ds gets a couple of points for the dual screen and 3d. Having 2 screens has proven invaluable to the countless classics on the ds.

n4f2850d ago

oy yeah i hate to pause and what the map and unpause than pause realise i went the wrong way... you get it
or you can see other option and all that which i prefere dual screen

Parapraxis2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

@ Stealth20k

No, that's YOUR opinion.

"Connectivity: Opinion" ???
HAHAHA, right on, as if Wi-Fi and 3G isn't superior.

For a second there I thought you might not be trolling, but then you capped it off with "So yeah , thats the truth" (BEFORE HE EDITED AND ADDED OTHER STUFF)

It's funny seeing you in all these PSP2 articles trying to downplay the PSP2.

digitalivan2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Controls: Opinion
Connectivity: Opinion

Made me LOL.

StbI9902850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Iollllllllllllllllllllllllll.. .....control OPINION?

Ok, take this guy bubbles please, aaag, only has one?...ignored

ChickeyCantor2850d ago

Yes controls could be considered as opinion.
Its the reason why some say handheld X control interface are better than handheld Y.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2850d ago

How Is Graphics Irrelevant ? I Think You Wrote That Because You Know 3DS Gets Gangraped By PSP2 In Graphics, Games, Controls, Design, Connectivity

SasanovaS19872850d ago

battery life, even if its 1 minute, not a whole hour, its still better then the other. so how can it be a tie? screen an opinion? are you stupid? 5 inch HD screen over a standard fake 3d image. its not even legit 3d, it doesnt pop out, but just pops in like ur looking at a button of a box. thats not an opinion either sorry, its a fact. controls an opinion? you get everything the 3ds has, plus an extra touch screen and a second analog stick to work with. how is that an opinion? only thing thats actually an opinion is the games, as they always were. so please quit being smart and work on extending the IQ into triple digits

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