A Video of Every Game on NGP/PSP2, MGS4-NGP Trophies?, Interviews, and more (The Complete Roundup)

14 videos that will teach you about everything NGP/PSP2 related.

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xtremexx2850d ago

thanks for putting them all in one place, im deffinatelly going to watch the meeting.

Criminal2850d ago

The first 10 mins of the meeting are a bit boring, but it picks up after that.

dc12850d ago

Good job pulling the various videos together!

Criminal2850d ago

@Xtremexx and dc1

Thanks guys for appreciating the time I put into preparing this article.

littlebigmarcpsps32850d ago

OMG please no more
i want it NOW

Criminal2850d ago

Are you stoked for the 3DS?

My first and last Nintendo console was N64.

But, in terms of handhelds, at one point I had GB, GB color, and GBA.

I don't like Nintendo devices any more, and I'm not gonna say because there're too childish.

My problem with all of their consoles is 3rd party support as I don't really care for all nintendo published games.

herukuti2850d ago

i love nintendo and owned all of their systems starting with the nes in some form or fashion excluding the virtual boy. i just hate how their network infrastructure was for wii; but smash bros was the bomb and snake was a beast.

Stealth20k2850d ago

mgs 4 wasnt announced as a game. It was just a demo

Muffins12232850d ago

i really dotn care for that game but it just shows off what the
ngp can do!

Masterchef20072849d ago

their good videos as well thks