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"Homefront is one of those games that you just can't wait to play. This isn't because of spectacular graphics, but rather the story of the game.."

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StanLee2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Looking forward to this game. The premise of a plausible World War 3 has me intrigued. The multiplayer looks solid as well.

Deathstroke2552d ago

"Homefront is one of those games that you just can't wait to play."

Lol, no. It looks like just another generic shooter & the online is blocked off by THQ's online pass garbage. Besides, there are better games to play in March, not to mention the 3DS will be out & there will be a lot of games for that.

dukegodtezza2552d ago

pass on the single player straight to the muti for me :)

SixZeroFour2552d ago

straight to multi for me aswell, but im not passing up on campaign completely...the premise for the story is actually a pretty interesting concept and i want to see how they pull it off

dukegodtezza2551d ago

yer i will play the single player just not straight away

xXBazinga2552d ago

I pre-ordered this game as soon as I heard about it. It will be amazing!

earbus2552d ago

Loved frontlines thq are one of my fav devs since the old moto gp series looks sweet.

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