Plan B Episode 17: We Love Repo Men

Bedivere and Instant Karma are joined by AmigoSniped and HardRocknGuy. This week we talk about Jim Sterling being on the Original Gamers podcast,Call of Duty 3: Frankenstien, PAX East and Indie Games, Breach and how it sucks, League of Legends updates, Mass Effect 2 on the PS3, Portal 2 news, Salem the free-to-play MMO, movie talk, and how Jim Sterling will be on our show.

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Fir3truck2703d ago

Great shows guys as always.

PureDarkness2703d ago

If you get Jim Sterling on, I'm going to be on that episode.

Nicodumas2703d ago

More of the same random rantings. But its why we listen!

eccothedolphin72703d ago

Stay tuned next week for Jim Sterling!

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