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GameBlurb takes a look at EA/Visceral Games Dead Space 2 in this video review. Bring extra'll need them.

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jaidek2702d ago

I am about half-way through the game and still loving every minute. It has been a while since my heart has raced this much in a game! Either that or I am so out of shape gaming has become exhausting... :)

MicrocutsX22702d ago

I've been playing this game onsurvilist mode and I'm stuck on part with little or no health. The game can be challenging.

Bay2702d ago

There were a few totally brutal parts in the game where you had barely any health and ammo to fight a huge wave of necromorph. But it's still so awesome. Definitely gonna play New Game+

Memo-Xen x31002702d ago

I was just playing it and I must say it is definately worth the entry fee.