Dead Space PSP2 game 'wouldn't be a port' - Visceral

Dead Space developer Visceral is keen to expand the franchise as widely as possible - including, potentially, onto Sony's PSP2 (NGP) - but not at the expense of quality.

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heylo2702d ago

lol at the comment: "Nice. This means that when people do s**t themselves they'll at least be on a toilet when it happens."

the OLED screen of the NGP is just perfect for such a dark game (no backlight glow)

ksense2702d ago

Nice. this is what I want to read. I really don't want to play the same game on a portable. Dead space on portable would be awesome lol. I will scream in a train or a bus out of nowhere and get stares and worried looks from everyone lol

Kevin ButIer2701d ago

Oh folks this is sick, if this kind of games can be ported, developers will fill the PSP2 with their titles and thats going to be epic.

Cloudberry2702d ago

Also with headphones & no light at all.

Silent Hill Origins PSP gave me quite a good run too.

hatchimatchi2702d ago


Origins showed that survival horror can be done on a handheld and that it can be scary.

I'd love to see a Fatal Frame game on the NGP, imagine if it used the cameras that are on the system. That could be cool. I'd just be happy with more Fatal Frame games in my collection though. :)

DigitalAnalog2702d ago

Origins was worst of the franchise. This I say so without testing out Homecoming yet. And I only play horror games at night with either headphones or a digital surround sound.

My best bet would be Fatal Frame or Clock Tower would perfectly fit well with the PSP2's interface. A port from Amnesia would be wonderful as well.

-End of Line

mushroomwig2702d ago

Uh oh, I better not play this while on the bus or train, when I jump people will laugh at me. :[

joydestroy2702d ago

hahaha nice comment.
it would be awesome to see Dead Space brought over as well. so many possibilities!
haven't seen anyone mention Gran Turismo yet. that would be welcome on the NGP as well

lil Titan2702d ago

they should bring Dead Space iPhone game as a PSP mini game

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Burning_Finger2702d ago

I thought EA are not on the lists.

Kamikaze1352702d ago

They were confused about not being on the list, too. EA supports every platform known to man though >_>

Etseix2702d ago

starting with Madden and FIFA games :)

ksense2702d ago

They don't want to be shown on a list. they want their own limelight and since Sony and EA have a good relation they are probably planning something big to reveal like at E3 or even GDC.

Imagine Dragon Age or Mass Effect on the go :P

Kamikaze1352702d ago

I wouldn't be surprised to see Mass Effect 3 on the PSP2. But yeah, Sony wasn't on the list themselves nor were their first party studios, I think. I guess EA guessed people would assume it was obvious.

LightofDarkness2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Whoops, wrong article :p

PS360WII2702d ago

They really do this franchise justice. No shortcuts for their Wii game or the iOS game. Plus the films aren't half bad...

Stealth20k2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I wish kojima would listen to this guy

new games and no ports

@ Below

Kojima needs to do ZOE 3 for the ps3, some new boktai game for the 3ds......

a_bro2702d ago

i wouldnt mind seeing such a game that Kojima Talked about. his idea is identical as what valve is doing with Portal 2 on PS3/PC/Mac.

Etseix2702d ago

Kojima's dream game i want to see what is it !

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