TGV: Sony NGP: Here’s what we know

Excerpt: It’s been a pretty awesome day today, as more and more details about the Sony NGP have been crawling out of the woodwork. We’ve seen plenty of rumors, speculations, and lots of awesomeness as far as tech specs and upcoming software.

We’re collecting all the information we can find and putting it all here, into one convenient place for you, including specs, pictures, and every single detail available.

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borisfett2874d ago

I definitely want me one of these. Interested in seeing the price.

D14BL02874d ago

I just hope that GameStop is WAY wrong.

Herminator2874d ago

It definitely just seemed like something they punched in just to have it there.

borisfett2874d ago

It's obviously not going to be $999.99

Sidology2874d ago

Probably gonna be like $400, unless they drop it down to $300-ish to compete with the 3DS.

Herminator2874d ago

For me it would have to be in the 200$ range to even consider it over the 3DS, but that's mostly due to the face that the software catalouge of the 3DS is more appealing to me, especially since I was the one person in the world who didn't have a DS.

Negadeth2874d ago

They are deffo gonna have to price it competitivly to take on the 3DS... It can be super awesomely powerful, bu if the 3DS is cheaper AND has proper 3D graphics, they're sunk.