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cochise3132875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Lol @ anyone who buys these expensive ass map packs. Activision thinks they can pull a fast one on everyone. I can't wait till this series turns out like the Tony Hawk series. COD4 and COD2 will always be the best COD's.

jeseth2875d ago

I concur.

They try to get too cute when all they are doing is making what was perfect . . . worse.

cochise3132875d ago

I still, to this day, play cod4 beacuse you can have a decent game and all the immature losers have migrated to the newer installment.

RAVEN812875d ago

im trading cod bo in to for bulletstorm

jons95592875d ago

is there a new zombie character because Richthofen isnt there and it looks like another russian is

fossilfern2875d ago

I near shit myself i thought the new COD screens leaked already