HMV set to hold exclusive pre-launch Nintendo 3DS preview events

Nintendo Universe writes:

HMV have today unveiled that they are to hold exclusive pre-launch Nintendo 3DS preview events to be held in both Glasgow and Bristol on February 12th and 13th.

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blumatt2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

PSP2 is going to give the 3DS a run for its money if it's priced at $300 or less. If the PSP2 is $250, matching the 3DS price for price, it will have no problem keeping pace. Price is key. I hope a price is given for the PSP2 so I can decide if I'm getting it at launch or not.

Of course the whole "Holy crap, it's 3D" aspect of the 3DS will help it attract the younger audience. Personally, I can take it or leave it when it comes to 3D on a mobile device. At home, however, 3D really adds depth to the experience, no pun intended. :)

@coshise313 Let's hope so, man. Let's hope so. At $250, the PSP2 will definitely gain a nice initial install base. Plus the fact that Call of Duty will be on the PSP2 is going to sell PSP2's even to 360 only owners. Playing online CoD anywhere is going to be sick, for those who still play it. I won't get it, but it will be a killer app for the PSP2.

(Call of Duty) + (PSP2) = PSP2 will sell alot lol

If you're gonna disagree, please at least give me a reason. Thanks.

cochise3132701d ago

I think Sony will surprise everyone and go low; it'll probably be about $250. Everyone is expecting Sony to price over $300; that's we're they'll hit us off guard with a sweet price.

zootang2701d ago

The PSP2 is for adults the 3DS is marketed for kids. I can see the 3DS doing better for that reason but it doesn't mean it is the better handheld.

cochise3132701d ago

Yeah COD alone would generate tons of sales. If Sony releases it at the right price, they'll gain a lot of ground. lol @ the people who disagree; they never give a reason for disagreeing or they only have one bubble and are afraid to use it.

pcz2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

have you played call of duty on a big screen? the enemies shoot at you from 100's of feet away, and even on a huge screen you have to strain to see them... imagine trying to shoot back to enemy fire on a tiny psp2 screen.. it will be impossible. its going to suck

also, dont dream of psp2 being the same price as 3ds.. if sony can make such a powerful handheld so cheap, dont you think nintendo would have too! psp2 is going to be so fucking expensive. its going to cost at least 100pounds more than a 3ds. 320pounds or more. heck, id even stretch to say it will cost 400.

the way sony have gone all out reminds me of ps3 v wii. it makes it so obvious that nintendo have gone for the affordable, and sony have just gone for cutting edge. but it comes at a cost. you will have to pay through the nose to own it. so dont go kidding yourself that 3ds and psp2 will cost the same, they are obviously not anywhere near the same value technology wise.

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tigertron2701d ago

Since I go to University in Bristol, it sounds tempting.

stuntman_mike2701d ago

i dont live near bristol or glasgow, but i got an invite. shame.