Uh Oh: EA Suspiciously Absent at Sony Conference

EA and the EA Sports label have always been big supporters of Sony and their consoles. Series’ like Madden, Fifa and Tiger Woods have been mainstays on the Sony systems since the PS1. Even the PSP sported plenty of their titles. So where were they at Sony’s NGP press conference?

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Keith Olbermann2877d ago

Confirmed!!! No EA for psp2!! OH my goD!!! Megaton!! Jesus people are a riot. Thing was just announced no need to start doom and gloor already.

booni32877d ago

I don't know what to say about this. I just hope that they aren't seriously going to snub the PSP2. I honestly don't think it would be a wise business decision. This thing is hot.

Dragun6192877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I think this was just an error on the list of developers support the NGP considering that it was EA who first confirmed that they have seen PSP2/NGP last year.

ksense2877d ago

Calm down fellas. I am pretty sure EA will have games to show for NGP at GDC. They are probably working on the launch titles and wanted their own special moment to showcase them. Cannot have Activision and EA share the limelight at the same time lol.

pain777pas2877d ago

It's not an error. EA at E3 and maybe in a bigger way than any other developer. Ricottello is backing it. E3 will be huge for the NGP.

Imtey2877d ago

No way in HELL that EA aren't supporting this, so stop worrying.

Theonik2876d ago

Do people think they'll snub putting at least FIFA and madden on this thing? It's free money.

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MattJay2876d ago Show
Raf1k12877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I don't see why it's such a big deal. Just because it wasn't at the conference doesn't mean EA won't be making games for it. EA could easily decide to develop for it later on.

matey2877d ago

EA not on the list or at show very big deal if u ask me EA are console selling company like nintendo

Chris3992877d ago

that talks about EA and a Dead Space PSP2 port.

Games journalism (?) ftw.

Sano642877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

EA Published Dead Space, they did not make it. If you read the article you will see it is being developed by Visceral. The article makes no refrence to EA at all

Disccordia2877d ago

Sano64, Viscreal is a studio owned by Electronic Arts so therefore, it IS an EA game.

Chris3992877d ago

Did you write this article?

Sitdown2877d ago

For all those assuming it is a guarantee EA is on board...think back to the Dreamcast, as well as the manner in which they fought with Microsoft until Microsoft let go of the their sports line. Perhaps EA is sitting back to see if it is worth investing in..just because you love the specs of the system, does not mean developers immediately will jump on board. Am I saying that they will not support it...No, but I am saying there are things and reasons that go beyond the limited information you gather on N4G each day.

Joni-Ice2877d ago

Believe me when I say EA is onboard. With all the positive news about NGP EA would be fools not to be onboard.

Inside_out2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Made a comment on this in another thread. There is something brewing and lets hope calmer heads prevail...they will, there is alot of money on the line here. The last thing Sony needs is a war with the makers of Madden and pretty much all sports franchises.

I'd guess this has to do with Crysis and Bulletstorm going head to head within a couple weeks of each other with KZ 3. EA also launched NFS in the same window as GT...but EA always does that. They ride the coat tails of whatever game is generating hype. They launched MOH just before Black ops and Shift at the same time as Forza. Sony better mind there business and not make it personal. The demo for crysis has not been announced for PS3 even tho the 360 and PC have dates.

Bulletstorm is being published by EA and is dropping on the same day as thinks not. Sony of course has responded by having a KZ3 beta 2 weeks before the launch of KZ3...looks like chess and I'm guessing that's Sony " check " move...keeping a eye on this one. It's heating up.

Whos the big winner???...Might be M$. If EA announces exclusive DLC for Battlefield coming to 360 then you know it's serious.

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JohnColaw2877d ago

Good ol' Doom & Gloor.
No EA and it has Google's support? This thing's looking better every day.

Das_Bastardion2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Yeah, no Dead Space, Mass Effect, Dantes Inferno, FIFA Soccer and many other games that EA provides

EA ACTUALLY really polish his games on the PS3 so they are clearly on par if not superior than the 360 counterparts

LightofDarkness2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

They literally just mentioned a Dead Space game for NGP that's not a port.

EA were probably too busy making games for it to rush off to Japan to watch the unveiling of something they already have.

ginganinja2877d ago

Technically, that's someone at Visceral saying they wouldn't be averse to getting the franchise on more platforms rather than an official announcement.

But, it's surely only a matter of time before EA joins the already huge list of those supporting it.

pain777pas2877d ago

E3 is where all the Developers like Warner Bros with the MK game will show up. Guys it is being called the NGP for goodness sakes. The true unveiling is at E3 with everyones offerings. Boons people said they have a dev kit and they can port all MK assets to the system. It is still going by the code name. I wouldn't be suprised if there is a Bethesda announcement and demo and a Bioware announcement and demo. Honestly, Mass Effect would be perfect for this system with bite sized missions and DLC.

Redempteur2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

no need to worry the ngp/psp2 will get his share of fifa, madden , nba live and others .. it's EA we're talking about .they went along with the n-gage and gizmondo ...

EA works with everyone on every console ..

noneed to make a fuss

Sitdown2877d ago

So EA worked on Dreamcast? I guess I missed that...

Redempteur2877d ago

pff the only exception in what 30 consoles ??

yeah that make my comment less invalid /s

Sitdown2877d ago

"EA works with everyone on every console .."

Regardless if it only happened once in 30 consoles, the fact of the matter is that you were wrong. So perhaps you should check your sarcasm, cause 1.)Your sentence is incorrect. 2.)The fact that you were wrong makes your statement completely invalid.

But I am pretty sure you knew that already./s

Ninjamonkey822877d ago

Give it a week and EA will have a list of games annouced.

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