Kinect helps make holographic video a reality

Remember the holographic video of Princess Leia in Star Wars? "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope"?

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Burning_Finger2550d ago

It generates red lights hologram. :)

cochise3132550d ago

i think we're about 10-15 years from having holographs. I'm sure the military has this tech already though.

Simco8762550d ago

Sony has had this up and running for years....

dragonyght2550d ago

lol at the disagree i guessing it because it involve sony lets try another 1

Gamefan122550d ago

you know that was not real Dadymidnit3 .. they had like a blue screen there , no real holographic technology used

Kon2550d ago

This isn't a hologram.

awiseman2550d ago

FAIL....thats a blue screen ROFLMAO

R2D22550d ago

Yeah like how Sony had the Wii Techs years ago but sat on it until Nin took a chance and made Billions.

moparful992550d ago

LOL at all the haters.. Sony has video proof of their tech yet we have to read a hear-say article about a holgram using kinect and it's more reliable?? I will never understand the idiots on this site..

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