Game People Critiques PSP2 from Family Perspective

Andy Robertson discusses the PSP2 from a familiy perspective. In particular the article considers the PSP2's ability to offer a PS3 experience on a handheld device, potentially bluring the console-portable divide. This is set alongside the 3DS's approach of making handheld gaming more bespoke.

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holdmykidney2876d ago

Interesting piece. I read elsewhere that Sony might be tempted to try at get the price point down to £200, even if it means making a loss on each unit sold. That would firmly position them to tackle the Nintendo 3DS.

I always liked the PSP as a piece of hardware (until mine disappeared!). One of the things I miss is having high quality movies to watch when travelling.

What I was never sold on was the gaming experience. There was too much emphasis on providing a console-like experience on the handheld. I don't need that - I play consoles and handhelds often for different reasons. I remember being frustrated that most of the good games where the same as the ones I could play on the PS2.

The DS captured the world's imagination by providing a very different experience. If Nintendo are chasing the dream of processing power in order to replicate this I think they are barking up the wrong tree. It's not a question of controls or resolution - the portable screen is simply not large enough for gamers to be able to play games that require attention to detail on objects far in the distance.

HairyArse2876d ago

I think the 3DS holds much more family appeal.

hatchimatchi2876d ago

Sony isn't targeting the same audience that nintendo is. Of course Sony would love to have the numbers nintendo has, it just isn't going to happen. Look at the psp sales figures though, they sit at around 63 million. That is a lot of psp sales. Yes the ds is double that but nintendo has been king of the handheld since day 1. If Sony prices the NGP wisely it will fly off the shelves, coupled with the Call of Duty game coming out. If COD has easy to access online MP and lets you login with your PSN account in order to share stats with your PS3 profile, it will sell boatloads.

I'm extremely excited for the 3DS and the NGP but after seeing Sony's conference yesterday, I'm easily more excited for the NGP. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

paulgovan2876d ago

Price is the issue for me. Anything more than £250 will be a big ask I think. Although I fear it will be closer to teh £300 mark.