TGS 2007: New Images of GT 5 Prologue

Here are 8 new images taken from TGS 2007 showing off more of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, possibly the most exacting and detailed racing videogame ever created. The Gran Turismo 5 Prologue gives you an online-enabled sampler of the GT5 experience.

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Cartesian3D3929d ago

just look at the details.. everytime I see GT5:prologue I said to myself How can it be better ...

it will be one of the best selling games ... look at the 5th and 6th screens.. just watch carefully .. its F***ing Awesome (soft surfaces)

and in the first,2nd,3rd ... u can see the REALITY

MaximusPrime3929d ago

every one of them is fantastic. Keep 'em comin!

I wanted more videos to prove xbots wrong. ;)

bigmack3929d ago

no matter what, xbot can't beat this kind of graphics when it comes to racing. GT Series FTW!!

Red3929d ago

but do you honestly feel that this same engine (without damage) can't run on the 360? Seriously, enjoy the game, but don't be a fool.

Nameless3929d ago

So when is this due out. If it comes out this year in the U.S. this may be even better then the actual game. I love the community idea just walking around & checking out the cars & meeting other gamers & walking around town etc.

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