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Dealspwn writes: "Don’t let the uninspired name put you off, this is a game worth the attention of any online FPS fan. The delightful price of £6.29 gets you five maps and six modes to enjoy that puts the likes of Blacklight: Tango Down to shame.

An old-school approach is taken in regards to your health, take damage and it stays. No health packs or regeneration makes for extra tense matches and balances things out nicely, especially if you manage to get a few shots into an opponent before you get taken down. When you do get killed it shows how much health and armour your killer has left. This works to annoy you further when you see they only had 7% left."

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OGharryjoysticks2874d ago

Very surprised to see how good the game is. Bought it a couple days ago and would give it a solid 8 as well. Real fun.

sobekflakmonkey2873d ago

yeah that game is pretty great, its actually quite addicting, it will definitely be holding me over for a while, that is until killzone 3 comes out.


If you have to chose:

Modern Combat Domination or Tumble?

OGharryjoysticks2873d ago

Modern Combat or Tumble?

I say Top Darts =)

guitarded772873d ago

Those are two pretty different games. If you're looking to use the Move, Tumble is built from the ground up for it. They're both decent.

Esena2873d ago

Absolutely worth every penny, but unfortunately not worth my time right about now :(

Rampaged Death2873d ago

I tried the trial and couldn't connect to a game. Developers need to stop making downloadable online FPS games. They can't compete with the big boys and the community is really small.

Close_Second2873d ago

There are 250k players listed on the high score chart and I've not had trouble finding anyone playing yet.

I can't believe they actually have a good lobby system compared to many full price games. Also, the stats are working unlike BC2.

RBLAZE19882873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Yea the game is actually pretty good. Kinda reminds me of counter strike, and a little bit of Cod like the shooting but the weapon spray is pretty unforgiving. If you don't line up your shot and burst fire with sub machine guns you'll just spray everywhere like it should be not like it is in black ops where sub machine guns are deadly. I would give Modern Combat Domination at least an 8/10.

PS-_-GAMER2873d ago

Dude Look at BF1943 is Awesome Im Cravinf For The PSP2

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Kon2873d ago

Stop spamming the articles.

PS-_-GAMER2873d ago


Pedobear Rocks2873d ago

Costume Firmware? Like...his avatar's wear styling clothes now?

plb2873d ago

Currently playing dead nation on psn...fantastic also.

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The story is too old to be commented.