GameTrailers: MindJack Review

Is this neurally possessive shooter a stroke of genius, or is it brain-blown? We put Mindjack to the test!

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Burning_Finger2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Craptastic. :)

Shang-Long2727d ago

just watched this without listen to the sound. it looks really interesting, with out hearing any of the bad stuff about the game. lol

this studio i think will make a good game in the future

Troll-without-Bridge2727d ago

The score sounds bad, but watching the video the game looks interesting enough.

Feeplus is a young team, im sure they will evolve.

cool cole2727d ago

Game of the year, all years.

CherryLu-Chan2726d ago

I saw the review of Mindjack on Classic Game Room and it came across as a game that had it's development ended too early.

With a little more time to monkey with getting things right, I think they might have been onto something here.

As it stands, it looks destined to be in the £5 bargain bins within weeks.