PSP 2 vs. PS3: Uncharted comparison screenshots

How good does Uncharted for NGP look when compared to the PS3 versions? Sony has said that the newly unveiled PSP 2 (Codename NGP) will be able to display PS3-like graphics on a smaller display. Now that the first real screenshot from Uncharted NGP has popped up: Can the NGP really compare with PS3 graphics? Check out this gallery with shots from all four installments of the Uncharted franchise - can Sony keep its promise?

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Venatus-Deus2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Why do I get the impression that the PSP shot is just lifted from a close up of an off cam video.

Bloody German sites using the same one shot of the PSP uncharted against three different PS3 shots.

Seems like no real screenshots exist for the PSP version.

velocitygamer2728d ago

The PSP2 is so powerful, that it can only rival it's older brother...the PlayStation 3.

inveni02728d ago

No real screenshot, but NGP is looking good. The only place I can really tell a difference is in resolution and aliasing.

hobo512728d ago

the psp2 is gohan, ps3 goku

HappyGaming2728d ago

+ When you are actually going to play the NGP it will be on a 5 inch screen.

This images are from cameras and they have been stretched quit a bit.

zeeshan2728d ago

Makes you wonder what PS4 will be able to achieve! I mean if they can pull a PS3 on a portable device, God help us all! The next generation is going to be mind blowing!

RyuCloudStrife2728d ago

hit the nail in the head thats no PSP2 screenshot...

TheLastGuardian2728d ago

Not quite on the same level as the PS3 but it's pretty damn close. So impressive for a handheld to be pulling off better graphics than the 360.

Shepherd 2142727d ago

You are insane. It looks good for a handheld but it still isnt as good as 360 graphics. Your just blind fanboy who makes absurd claims and makes yourself look dumb.

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Gero2728d ago I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

ReBurn2728d ago

This is getting silly. Still, what I've seen looks good.

DigitalAnalog2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Yes. But don't forget this is because it doesn't produce the amount of pixels the PS3 does on TV. It doesn't equate themselves on a full PS3 level but having the same quality on a 1:2 ratio.

-End of Line

Snake Raiser2725d ago

Even if these were good screenshots it's not exactly fair to compare a 3 year old PS3 game to a game that was just made on PSP2.

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BigPappaPump2728d ago

Impressive for a handheld.

peeps2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Not a great comparison considering the resolutions are incorrect + you'll only be playing the psp version on a 5" screen.

The shots of the game on psp look impressive when you take this into consideration. It's like when I view standard quality tv channels on my 37" bravia, but when I view PAP with them displayed in a much smaller window the detail looks amazing

multipayer2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

The resolution of the PS3 screenshot is scaled down for the comparison, so it actually is pretty fair. Anyones guess how the psp2 version stacks up, but it looks like it could range from slightly worse to far worse "Wii" quality. Fine for a handheld I guess.

Awookie2728d ago

Upscaling and downscaling don't cancel each other.... idiot

multipayer2728d ago

Lol, what do you think happens when something is resized smaller. It doesn't maintain the integrity of a high resolution picture, you fail.

Awookie2727d ago

It makes the pixels SMALLER meaning a crisper picture u obviously don't know anything about resolution

multipayer2727d ago

Uhhg, look I even have a tab in the graphics card menu of my computer called "Scaling Options".. It is where I adjust the overscan and underscan of my TV, my resolution is 1920x1080, what do you think happens when I make the picture smaller... Do my pixels get smaller?

Anyway, you trolled me good. I just wanted to say the PS3 screenshots in the article weren't HD either... you didn't have to recite literature from your TV manual...

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Burning_Finger2728d ago

Where is Lens of Truth when you need it. /s

Snake-eater2728d ago

hiding behind a pointless multiplatform comparison

TheTruth892728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

both looks amazing! but PS3 = 1080p or 720p
PSP = 960x544

Anyway, both pwn 360 :D

CobraKai2728d ago

If you think about it, on a small screen, the PSP resolution should look like on the go HD right?

clearelite2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Pretty much and since it's OLED, it will probably look better than games on a lot of HDTVs. A crappy HDTV and make even the prettiest game look mediocre, whereas the OLED will make great looking games look unbelievable.

High definition does not always equal high quality.


Well we can't call it HD as this don't display 720p images, but 544p... Still if we consider it's size, the image quality is more detailed than we can get in such small area from most full HD screens.

If you look at a full HD display that is a 2,073,600 pixels. If we think of an small TV of 22", those are really smal pixels. In a 16*9 section of this monitor with a 5" diagonal it carries roughly 471,272 pixels. NGP 5" screen have 522,240 pixels.

This doesn't mean technically better than HD displays, as any full image will be displayed in under than HD resolution on NGP, but on a screen that small, this mean way less pixelation will be visible, specially if compared to big 1080p screens (32" and up). Although current tech could be used to make bigger TVs 2 or 3 better in resolution, the OLED tech used in NGP could make a 40" display with resolution as high as 4352p. That's a really nice tiny screen.

Kon2728d ago

Your comment begins nice, but then you took the idiot route.

Ifone2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Only for xbox fans who like disagreeing with facts (look at the dumb disagree here, each time people bring 360 in the comparison :))

[email protected] LMS's joke "it will surpass on my iphone look better than 90% of the next grns [email protected] : ridiculous, not a single game is on par with a wii game, and don't forget the power you need to use your console with a 1080 tv....ps3 is 5 yezrs okd, but had 4, 5 years advznce on pc, and if you use it on an iphone screen, it would be photoreality..

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