1UP previews White Knight Story; Two more gameplay videos

At TGS last year White Knight Story (Shirokishi Monogatari) stole the hearts of many RPG fans with its amazing debut video. The buzz went white hot almost immediately, with everyone wanting a chance to find out more behind the gorgeous graphics and get a taste of how it would play. In the subsequent months, though, the lack of any new information let it drift out of the spotlight with so many other high profile titles getting attention. But when it came out that the game would be playable on the floor at TGS this year, it all came rushing back. So when the doors opened, that made White Knight Story stop number one.

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babyhand3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Does not seem to spectacular right now. Of course it is not done. Looks cool but they don't seem to put up much fight. RPG's are hard to watch because you cannot get a real since of the game, just how it looks, Which most games nowadays look pretty good.

Mu5afir3838d ago

this is a DEMO run of the game, and probably the beginning of the game too. Which means the AI aren't as smart, and most of the time the enemy AI is turned OFF, to show of the combat system of the game. Have you played RPGs before?

babyhand3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

yes i have played many Rpg's. Many of them demos. When i seen a very large enemy coming out to fight me and he just keeps backing away....Well. It being a demo has nothing to do with if they put up a fight. I haven't seen a demo rpg yet were they don't fight back. Well except this one.

o273838d ago

what a shalow battle system.same strikes over and over,and its not convincing what so ever.i hade huge expectations towards this title.

hazeblaze3838d ago

This game is looking awesome! I'm sure that this stage is early in the game... as with any rpg's, moves must be opened up as the story progresses.

Plus, it's being played by Americans that probably don't understand the Japanese characters... and consequently don't know how to chain together more dynamic attacks. The very first trailer released last years shows that the attack chains in this game will be more interesting than any other before it! At any rate, I love the way the combat system looks to move fluidly... a new twist on turn based vs action rpg!

DJ3838d ago

This game looks really sweet. RPG fans better not miss out on this one!

Dragonopolis3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

We have a huge RPG and Japanese anime fanbase here in the U.S.. We love RPGs and we've been playing them for a long time (mostly on the PC but PS console did have a good run of decent rpgs).

You could have left the idiotic "must be American Remark" out. I'm not totally raggin on you though, it is quite possible the gamer was not an experience gamer. Could be that White knight's combat system is different enough that even an experience user would need to get used to it. Maybe its a combo of both. Throw in the fact that this was just a Demo and you have a recipe for error.

What was great was the shadowing. The shadows coming from the trees and swaying in the wind gave the area some life. Would have been more awesome if they can get those tall grass swaying a little as well, but for the most part the enviroment was beautiful as well as the character design.

This game is showing huge potential but still has time and room for improvement. Those who have been giving out bad comments should not write this RPG off so easy yet.

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