The Best Thing About The NGP Isn't New Technology

kotaku - Sony's Next Generation Portable has a lot of fancy, no doubt expensive new equipment inside it. And you know what? None of it matters. Why? Because the thing has two thumbsticks.

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digitalivan2705d ago

"Not for ports of console games, but ports of console experiences."
This is the most important thing. The last 2 days we had alot of "NGP is doomed" articles written by amateur journalists. They all said NGP is just a weaker PS3. They couldn't be more wrong.

StbI9902704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Expecting these Sticks to have some click-inward-action, like pusing them inside ala L/R 3, hiding themselves from the surface...


Which looking at this picture, there are plenty of room for.

Edit: Retractable seem to be the obvious answer to people complaints.

Christopher2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Now we'll see complaints about there not being two bumper buttons on each side.


Washington-Capitals2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Wait what? There isnt a L1 and R1? You have got to be kidding me.... Can someone confirm this?

EDIT: There is a L1 and R1, phew. If you thought there was going to be L2 and R2 then you are kidding yourself, the device wouldnt be too "portable" if it had those buttons, the width would be too large.

Christopher2705d ago

No, there's no L2/R2 :p

***There's a solution to that. I was worried too til I thought about it. They could map L2 and R2 to the touch pad, so PS2 games or PS3 remotely-played games on the PSP2 could still be a possibility!!! ***

Yeah, the one on the back could handle that. It can even handle holding both down at once sense it's multi-touch sensitive. But, you know people will complain anyway.

mushroomwig2705d ago

R2 and L2 will most likely be used by the touchpad on the back, it's natural because that's where you place your fingers while holding the product anyway.

Omega Archetype2705d ago

@cgoodno: Or they'll likely use the sixaxis/motion conrols for actions that would normally be mapped to the L2/R2 buttons. That thing has so many inputs there's likely always going to be a solution for the lack of an L2/R2.

Da_Evil_Monkey2704d ago

I hope to god they put some sort of R1/L1 lock this time, annoying as hell when you are listening to music and you accidently push L1/R1 and the track changes. Or they could change the button mapping I suppose.

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blumatt2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

There's a solution to that. I was worried too til I thought about it. They could map L2 and R2 to the touch pad, so PS2 games or PS3 remotely-played games on the PSP2 could still be a possibility!!!
@ Washington-Capitals
Yes, there is a physical L1 and R1, but he was referring to it not having 2 shoulder buttons on EACH side. The trackpad can act as the extra two shoulder buttons, I'm sure.

@cgoodno Yeah, people would complain even if they could emulate every system ever made on the PSP2. lol

cochise3132705d ago

Well as long as we have 2 analogs I'm happy.

meetajhu2705d ago

Chill people the touch pad also acts as buttons to accept 2 fingers consider it as L2 and R2 enjoy!

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Dannehkins2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Kotaku clearly are so excited about this new piece of hardware. I swear a lot of the links have been to their site and how they've praised it in many different departments.

I share their excitement.

MAiKU2705d ago

Its weird, i remember when Kotaku used to be so anti-sony.

zootang2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

That was because they leaked Sony Home information and got a slap on the hands from Sony.

iNFAMOUZ12705d ago

that's fanboy talk, kotaku never was anti sony, they report on all three systems fairly

cyborg69712705d ago

Infamouz did you start gaming yesterday or was that sarcasm?

MAiKU2705d ago

Uhm no. no it isn't fanboy talk. I remember a specific episode of xplay, where it had this interview with a guy in dreads from kotaku, and he was seriously dogging the ps3.

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hamburger1232705d ago

They should name it PS3GO

trancefreak2705d ago

Seriously that sounds good and I doubt it will be though!

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