No PSP2 dev kits available 'for now'

Sony is yet to establish a formal licensing scheme for PSP2 dev kits, the company has confirmed to Develop. Those that already have the kit had met with Sony in secret to arrange deals for launch games – a typical industry procedure.

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WhittO2699d ago

Hmm, I hope they get going in making games lol.

But then since it's so easy to port PS3 games (CRAZY!!) I guess it would already be able to launch with a huge catalogue from the PSN list...

Tbh, PSN games are exactly what a portable should play, lighter, addictive, great games that don't require 40+ hours to finish.

N4g_null2699d ago

Yep no kits yet but every one has friends at Sony.

I guess they will just patch the tools they use for the ps3 plus I'm bettng the cut and terms are different or more like apples.

HolyOrangeCows2699d ago

MK dev said that they had they had a PSP2 in house....but not a dev kit? lol

theonlylolking2699d ago

Then they need to get working on making a dev kit. Although UE3 works on the psp2 and devs know how to use that so they dont NEED a dev kit right away.

Lucreto2699d ago

I could have sworn we had stories on N4G saying the PSP2 dev kits have been available for over a year or was that just first party.

DRiX2699d ago

Yeah I remember this as well.

JoeReno2699d ago

That makes 3 of us that remember. I dont recall if it was 1party only or not.

N4g_null2699d ago

Looks like acti and first party only so far but many had demo kit.

a_bro2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

they better start acting up now. to giving dev kits to Namco Bandai, Capcom,and Tecmo Koei. would like to see a Super Street FIghter IV port/DoA Dimensions port made for PSP2 on launch day. If i remembered correctly, the director for Street fighter IV stated he wanted to make a SSIV game on PSP, but i guess they just pushed that for 3DS instead.

try to get Namco Bandai to push for a Ridge Racer game on PSP2.