New Final Fantasy Type-0 Famitsu Screenshots

Famitsu has posted several direct-feed screenshots of Final Fantasy Type-0, featuring both gameplay and in-game cutscenes.
Famitsu also provided us with the artwork that was shown last week in Jump. This artwork shows renders for Machina and Rem along with the tagline "It was their destiny, and theirs alone to decide. Free from fear or fate, gazing undaunted into the eye of death." Whereas the other artworks revealed English dialogue lines, we think this is also a dialogue line, more specifically of the narrator who has been introducing us to Type-0's story all along in previous trailers.

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SnakeMustDie2705d ago

Type-0 might possibly be a launch game for NGP.

Ryudo2705d ago

It looks like it could be a multiplayer Final Fantasy, which if it is count me in.

4 Player Co-op on final fantasy would be insane, that's the reason I still keep my PS3 even though I hardly console game.

For FF13 Versus, I really hope it doesn't disappoint. Well that and the fact my old fat 40GB PS3 is insanely reliable, it's been dropped of a 4 foot high table onto a wooden floor and it still work's.

Well for the most part I can't change the resolution from 1080p without plugging it into a 1080p TV now.

Mercy00012705d ago

That would be cool but it's in development for such a long time for PSP. I guess porting would take some time resulting in delays and such. (and it uses 2 UMDs which would require a lot of memory on NGP)

zackacloud2705d ago

wow this is cloud Numora what are you doing ???

just do the remake instead of showing the character and monsters ?

if you compare the on ffvii to ffxiii you will find same characters and same environment

it better if they develop the remake instead of create ffxiii

x5exotic2705d ago

Great game+remake=fuck'd up so need to make a remake if the game was great it will only ruin it

remakes are oNLY for games that fked up so bad or got ignored by mankind lol

remake+bad game= MAAAAYBE = redemption

zackacloud2705d ago

i respect your opinion but come on there no good rpg games there just mybe white knight and demon soul and these old titles

remake ffvii give a chance to have a fun on consle because right know than 50% of the games it shooter

x5exotic2705d ago

well we have versus and FFxiii-2 looks great :)

zackacloud2705d ago

versus on 2012 and sure ir great

FFXIII wasn't great so FFXIII-2 will not

however remake is pointless because square enix won't do it the mybe in 2017 20th birthday of final fantasy vii

Eamon2705d ago

The way the guy shouted ACE! in the trailer cracked me up seeing as what happened recently in One Piece. =P