PSP Slim & Lite review

The first thing that strikes you when you slide the new PSP out of its slender 23(L) x 12.5(H) x 8(D) cm box is that it feels too light. Even once you've slotted in the new 1200mAh battery (30g compared with the original's 44g 1800mAh model) – at which point you'll also note the battery cover may open more easily but it's also substantially thinner and more brittle – for an overall weight of 190g (compared with 280g), the handheld feels disconcertingly insubstantial.

The sense of unfamiliarity continues once you fire the unit up. It's nothing to do with the starting sequence, nor the front-end, both of which obviously remain identical (for those that may want to know, Slim & Lite comes with firmware v3.60 installed), but the new flat back is instantly noticeable. As is its enamel-like finish, which in a sense further contributes to the overwhelming cheap plastic feel (as well as showing up fingerprints with remarkable ease – the Ice White model can't come soon enough).

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secur1ty9113927d ago

I'm getting the one with Vader's imprint on the back on Oct. 10 /07.

BloodySinner3927d ago

I want the white PSP Slim, but I really hate the Vader thing...

Synex3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

I kind of wanted white, but without the stupid Star Wars nonsense on it. I also ordered Jeanne D'Arc which I hear is a pretty good game.

NeutralBoy3927d ago

I'm planing to buy a PSP Slim.

khellendros13927d ago

I'm trying to decide if I want to go to buy one now. I want Jeanne D'Arc.