Hands-on: Crysis 2 MP beta demo (360) | Max Qubit

I never had the chance to play Crysis 1. And Crysis on consoles? That was a far away dream. But now it is upon us. Crysis 2 on pc AND consoles is coming in march 2011, and a MP demo/beta has arrived on Xbox live to check some gameplay out already. So, you know, i just HAD TO check this out, because of the name Crysis alone.

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Omar912795d ago

i havent tried this demo yet i dont have live right now. i would like to know how the game is based off of members from n4g. anyone care to share?

SasanovaS19872795d ago

if you expected crysis graphics on a console, youl surely be disappointed. if you expect revolutionary gameplay, youl be disappointed. if you just want to play another FPS, ul be ok.

kancerkid2795d ago

Who the hell approved this crap? Look at the first sentence! It says "lol"

kancerkid2795d ago

It doesn't say lol anymore because the author changed it, but still has a ton of grammatical errors.

maxqubit2795d ago

'a ton of grammatical errors' hahaha, yeah right, important. What is your problem man?

teedogg802795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Graphics aren't quite what I expected, but it still looks good though. I would say it's like a mix between CoD and Halo. It even has the same type of killstreak rewards as CoD. For example, get three kills to use a radar that shows enemies on the map...and so on.

EvolZero2795d ago

I've been enjoying it so far. I agree it's like CoD and Halo combined to an extent. Still good fun tho. And that's what's important to me.

Tyre2795d ago

geez i can't believe ur comments the game looks great it is Crysis on consoles just as beautiful as Crysis 1 on PC it's amazing the guys at Crytek pulled it off!!! probably need to check ur head or tv settings...MP is fun and Campaign will be awesome period.

maxqubit2795d ago

I finally made it nbr 1 spot (in TDM) ... took me 6 hours. Well deserved i think after such a time-investment. I hoped that there would be a fab game deep inside, and there IS:)