The 3rd Birthday: 80,000 Shower Scenes Watched

Andriasang: Square Enix announced today that The 3rd Birthday's much hyped shower scene has been viewed 80,000 times.

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Pozzle2705d ago

But does it end with a giant, bloated monster attacking Aya's hotel soon after?

SnakeMustDie2705d ago

It's quite similar to PE2's shower scene. Japan and their fanservice.

kevco332705d ago

80,001. 80,002. 80,003... ;)

Chaostar2705d ago

I can't hear anything over all this fapping.

ally123452705d ago

two things crossed my mind when i watched this video:

1. clearly square have never seen a woman shower before.

2. she opened her eyes into the spray. ouch!!

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