360′s Top 10 Action Adventure Games Ever

360 Magazine: A modern, all encompassing genre spanning everything from sand-box open world adventures to platform games. You’re bound to find one here that flicks your switch…

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Irnbruguy2429d ago

Only one exclusive? whoa..

DualConsoleOwner2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Xbox 360 doesnt have that many exclusives...

If they make a top 10 PS3 action adventure.

there will be 6-7 exclusives.

Uncharted 2
Metal Gear Solids 4
God Of war 3.
Demon Souls.

Source: Using Wikipedia and Metacritic category.

Kran2427d ago

I did a bit of research. Theres more Xbox 360 exclusives than you think....

The problem is, nobody played them, so, yeh :P

KotC2427d ago

Actualy there are more 360 exclusives than PS3

Cajun Chicken2427d ago

Half of these are sandbox games.

jrbeerman112427d ago

how is gta4 better than red dead?

thats_just_prime2427d ago

How either one an action game ? Or any good for that matter. That list is just full of fail

shammgod2427d ago

GTA IV is #1. This list sucks ass