Marty O' Donnell Interview

Xboxevolved catch the composer of Halo 3's music at Chicago before the PLAY! Video Game Symphony and ask him about how it has been to work at Bungie, his inspirations, and more in this exclusive interview....

XE: When you first started composing Halo's music how would you say it came? Did you start out with one melody than the next or did it all come at once?

Marty: I was working in film for twenty years and it was awhile until I got into games, and I knew the guys who made Myst, and I did the music for Riven the sequel to Myst. At the same times I met the Bungie guys and I did Myth-Myst, Myth it was all intentional like that. I used digital tools throughout all my music but I also used live musicians no matter what. I go 20 years back with Arnie (PLAY! Composer) and he were hired by a contract. Arnie Roth has contracted orchestras for me since '84.

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Caxtus7503831d ago

"that is one of the bad parts about being stuck with the Halo universe that you have these fans that are so rabid about it"

that and many other quotes make me dislike him...rule #1 LOVE YOUR FANS!

....personally i think the halo music is the one thing that lets the game down....why oh why cant we have Harry GRegson Williams (MGS).

The BS Police3831d ago

Marty O' Donnel > Anyone else

IQUITN4G3831d ago

Your slagging off of Marty's incredible music makes you very very dumb.

tplarkin73830d ago

I thought it was cool for Marty to share his faith. He also said that Jason Jones was responsible for much of the influence. The Biblical influence is obvious in Halo, but I always wondered about the intent.

I really believe that the huge success is due to the tie-in with the Bible.