Official Dungeons Website Launched

Kalypso Media have announced the launch of a new official website for their forthcoming release, Dungeons for PC. In the game players assume the role of an evil Dungeon Lord who works to lure hapless heroes into his dungeons, with the promise of treasure and a good fight, only to trap them and capture their soul energy. The new web site contains videos, screens, game info, previews as well as three new screens to be downloaded.

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WhiteNoise2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Looks pretty cool, $35 is pretty cheap as well which is what the official sire told me it will cost.

This link gives a good idea of what to expect

It sounds kind of like Demigod, a bit tower defense/strategy is with some RPG mixed in.

lucifon2703d ago

It's $30 in the UK thats around $50+. Just too steep for us. If it was around £20 I'd certainly preorder on Steam, but without a demo it's too much money to throw away.

kevco332703d ago

It'll be £29.99 at most in the UK.

lucifon2700d ago

Apologies I meant to put "It's £30 in the UK thats around $50+." Wrong currency sign ;)