Poor sales haven’t killed Enslaved

Namco Bandai considering franchises’ future following positive critical reception of new IP.

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Tachyon_Nova2874d ago

Does Namco/Ninja Theory like having no credibility? Heavenly Sword, with sales of 1.5 million didn't do well enough to warrant a sequel, yet Enslaved with ~500K sales may get a sequel?

blahblah2874d ago

namco/nt have nothing to do with HS2. as much as i'd love to see it, i doubt we ever will.

sony owns the ip and sony dictates sequels future. but, if you look how greedy sony moves lately... just forget it.

even nicer example is demon's souls, where sony decided against publishing outside japan/asia. and no matter how faithful players are, i doubt we will ever see real demon's souls 2. i put all of my bets on Project dark (unless they cripple multiplayer, game is bound to be awesome if they follow demon's souls recipe)

same could be said about mirrors edge 2. game sold 2.5mio and still there is no sequel.

most bigger companies like sony, activision and likes just please best sellers. and how world is turning... which one of 100 new fps will you buy tomorrow, looking at games there are mostly those or crappy movie adaptations?

if you are a fan of action rpg you're better off with smaller publishers.

RememberThe3572874d ago

blah blah indeed. HS2 won't happen because Ninja Theory doesn't want to do it, not because Sony didn't want it. They said that the game didn't sell well enough so they went multiplatform and look how that turned out. Sony didn't publish Demon's Souls because they didn't think it had a market in the US. Thats not greed, it's business. And I hate to break it to you, but all publishers are in business. That means they are trying to make money. Sony is not a non-profit organization.

And how the hell does your comment end with the subject of action RPGs but start with the subject of HS2? Your comment goes completely off topic. Heavenly sword is not an action RPG and neither is Enslaved. So how the hell do you conclude with that? Are you just looking to bitch about the lack of RPGs this gen? Well, we all feel your pain and we all bitch about it about 2 years ago.

Baka-akaB2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I agree with Remember here .

You are barely making sense even with (false) arguments going in unrelated directions .

Project Dark only exist because the Demon soul ip is exclusive as co-developped/published by Sony , and because From software want to go multiplatform this time around with a similar concept .

Demon souls 2 is actually likely to happen at some point , with or without From (they are still interested last i heard from them) .

And HS2 indeed didnt happen yet , because of Ninja Theory , not Sony .
People forget again , how Sony had to help them from development limbo with their Cambridge studios . And afterward they are the one who walked away despite a highly successful star for a new hack and slash ip

At some point Sony might just do HS2 themselves , and it's probably for the better .

Thoreau2874d ago

i must type that your grammar and logic is on the low end of the scale. most bigger companies, even nicer example, and your typical sony bashing..... dare i type that people have to answer you more than one time because of the inherent stupidity you posses reflected by your [email protected]

BattleAxe2874d ago

Well at least we can say that the PS3 wasn't the reason that heavenly Sword didn't sell well. They've run out of excuses lol

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blahblah2874d ago

nope, Ninja Theory did that.

after all the bullshit they were massively spreading i simply lost my interest in that game.

RememberThe3572874d ago

It had great character development. But everything else was completely mediocre.

NeoBasch2874d ago

I don't even think it had "great" character development. It was okay. I only really liked Trip. Monkey started out interesting, but then he just became a walking cliche. And Pigsy was annoying.

LarVanian2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I managed to get this game for £17 during the January sales. It's very impressive in some areas but overall I don't feel that it has the polish or the good looks of Heavenly Sword.

mantisimo2874d ago

Yeah I agree.

I didn't like the demo at all and still (after playing about 3 hours) don't really like the sharp movement/controls BUT I got used to them and have enjoyed my time with it so far.

If you haven't played it yet get it now it's cheaper and I think most gamers will enjoy it.

NewZealander2874d ago

i got enslaved for half price when it hit the bargain bin, and while it was a fun but shallow game i would have been gutted if i payed full price.

there are some good ideas, but theres also just too much i disliked about the game, repetitive areas and enemies really got on my nerves, as did the constant scanning, and even though the ending didn't make perfect scene i still loved the final scene.

Azianphil882874d ago

I wonder if this game makes profit for Ninja Theory since they kept bitching about how Sony treated them with Heavenly Swords.

shadowknight2032874d ago

I think that hurt them in sales too (talking shit about sony,making them seem like they were making excuses for the sales/perfromance of the game). since, sure there are those who play games to just play and never really follow the politics/news but then there are those of us on here for example who do follow and I feel i can speak for allot of us that we were disgusted from what they were saying that ultimately made us ignore the game.

Baka-akaB2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

It certainly didnt , but they'll PR the heck of it as usual to keep face .

I can't wait to see the PR excuses for DmC when it won't meet the expected numbers (5 millions they said) . And it will not happen , the genre doesnt sell that much , and the studio is too controversial .

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