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LarVanian2879d ago

Here's another source

This is just plain unreal. Ten years ago I was still playing a Game Boy Color and I never thought that games such as Uncharted would ever be possible on a handheld.

house2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

man i tell my brother the same thing all the time we went from game boy to basicly a ps3 game on the go

on topic

this looks really beautiful for a demo

I_find_it_funny2879d ago

I love it, I hope it's prequel or something not just Drake's Fortune port.

DORMIN2879d ago

That lighting looks amazing!

RaSSS2879d ago


Sony already told the NGP game is a new one.

A new game for the Uncharted series...

Don't you people read the news?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2879d ago

Lets not forget that most of the stuff we saw was ported. Imagine a game built on a dedicated psp2 engine.

shoddy2879d ago

the lightinh engine is there.

the size kihda big, I was hoping for the pspgo size.
having the pspgo I realize I prefer physical copy.

hate waiting to download and install.

shoddy2879d ago

just like buying bluray and get dvd and digital copy free.

having a ps3 in my pocket that able to connect with friends online on the go will make my life full of joy.

WhittO2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

wow the lighting looks soo good for a portable! and the amount of terrain and character details are "Next Gen" haha

What's the most impressive about all of this is how quickly all of these demos/games were put into place/ported, meaning we will have full-fledged amazing games within a year or 2!
With no steep learning curve like PS3 had that would set it back a year.

Masterchef20072879d ago

And some of them ported in a week now thats extremely felxible hardware.

AEtherbane2879d ago

It looks incredible! Stunning! What's more impressive is that is not cloud based either.

inveni02879d ago

I showed my 6-year old my favorite game from when I was his age (Pit Fall on Atari 2600), and he said, "That was your favorite?" And I said, "That's the best they had."

It's incredible where games have come. But more than just being excited for the NGP, I'm excited to see what they can pack into the next generation of consoles. I'm not ready for the PS4, yet, but I'm pumped to learn about the tech.

Pixelated_Army2879d ago

Whoa that's looks damn good. Yeah I think I might just get this instead of the iphone.

tigertron2879d ago

I can remember the days where I used to play on the big fat Gameboy with tiny its black and white screen. Now we come to this. I'm glad we have companies like Sony who keep pushing evolution tbh; and no, that wasn't a fanboy comment, because we can all appreciate technical leaps forward.

seinfan2879d ago

Are you people insane? Yes, it looks awesome for a handheld, but that does not look like a PS3 game on the go.

HappyGaming2879d ago

OMG yeah... when I was 8 I had a gameboy colour with games like pokemon...
Now that I am 18 I can play games like Uncharted?

That is a huge leap for 10 years.
So how amazing will game be in another 10 years?

Perhaps they will be more realistic when it comes to bullet wounds, clothes tearing. Real character damage... 100% realistic destructability of cities the size of GTA San Andreas?

All with avatar level graphics?

Very possible.

ExplosionSauce2879d ago

I agree, it's not exactly PS3 material.
BUT then again, the image was blown up/enlarged, giving it a blurry look.
On the screen of the NGP itself is going to look nice and crisp :)

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StbI9902879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Yeh. nate look more youthful, I believe this is a prequel before the first uncharted, mark it guys.

Furthemore, for the disagrees? nintendo and xbox fan in rampage LOL...don't know you guys but uncharted > zelda ramake anyday...who the fuck cares if it doesn't look like the ps3?...who actually needs that, also for a demo to look that good IN ACTUAL GAME FOOTAGE, sry nor even the wii come close lol, let alone anything but xbox or ps3 obviously, I guess for a FIRST demonstration game to look like that, boom, there we have a ps3 in our pocket for when dev start taking every bit of advantage this device has to offer.

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Spinal2879d ago

You know what cause Sony has the balls to bring me a phone with a slide out Playstation pad. I'm going to buy their PSP 2 aswell just to support them and say thanks for taking the chance.

Uncharted looks awesome on this device aswell. I was looking forward to Ocarina of Time on the 3DS but oh well now.

Freshnikes2879d ago

I'm gonna pass on the psp phone tech wise is not to great ..not getting anything to support any1 cause they don't support me....but this thing is a beauty the specs are insane full proof for 5-6 years ...just a top of the line device ...I also bought a ps3 cause of specs...blu-ray built in wifi and so on....don't buy a product cause of name....

Spinal2879d ago

Well Tech wise the PSP Phone is the same if not more powerful than my iPhone 4. And i've been Very happy with my iPhone 4. Now with the added Control pad i'd be able to play games on my phone SO much better I can just imagine playing my emulators with actual buttons!

I dont need my phone to have dual/quad core thats what my PC is for and phones dont need those chips to play PSP/PS1 games considering those games were around long before dual core chips were made correct?

StbI9902879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Freshnikes is not so fresh xD, and spinalcord is pretty much correct, sooner we'll have others phone copying the xperia play but aint going to come even close to the sony control pad, also, expecting a superior version of the same device as well.

Lucreto2879d ago

I might get the PSP2 this year depending on the launch line up.

We could very well have 2 Uncharted games this year.

SnakeMustDie2879d ago

Damn, this obliterates the graphics of PSP1.

Close_Second2879d ago

Agreed, but the PSP has some real highlights in its library. MGS: Peace Walker for instance.

zez2879d ago

Peace walker PSP2 remake
Peace walker PSP2 remake
Peace walker PSP2 remake
Peace walker PSP2 remake
Peace walker PSP2 remake

Do it, Konami

ugabugaz2879d ago

Can't forgot the Two God of War and Syphon Filter games.

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