Is the GeForce GTX 560 Ti the new 8800 GT? writes, "When the GeForce 8800 GT was released in October 2007, it set the standard for affordable, high-performance GPUs. Priced at around $250 at launch, many thought it performed as well as cards that cost twice as much. The 8800 GT also ushered in mainstream DirectX 10 support, which allowed for better shader/rendering support and improved overall image quality. Even Cevat Yerli, CEO and president of Crytek, commended the 8800 GT for its ability to run their hardware intensive first-person shooter Crysis. Essentially, if you wanted a bang-for-your-buck graphics card, the 8800 GT card was the one to get. The card proved to be so well-received that three years since its first launch, it is still the most popular GPU on Steam. In fact, as of December 2010, 8.2% of Steam users are using either an 8800/9800 GT."

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Kazu0 Hirai2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I find it amazing that out of all those comparison pics, crysis still is the most impressive. Crytek really are the most talented developers in the game industry when it comes to graphics engines. Not just in raw graphical power, but in scalability. if you have a top of the line system you can take full advantage of it. if you didnt, you could still run the game great like with the 8800 gt and it still looked better than anything else on the market. Crysis, more than 3 years after release, is still the best looking game in existence.

newsguy2879d ago

the 560 ti looks quite better.

wwm0nkey2879d ago

And who says PC gaming is expensive :D

kaveti66162879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Morons who want everything to be handed over to them without making the least bit of effort to research computer hardware pricing.

Dickweeds who foam at the mouth over visuals and features and resolutions that are ancient news in the PC gaming world, thinking that being able to share files with each other is an innovation.

Pinheads who talk about the popularity of consoles and then backpedal when they realize that the PC platform is more popular, talk about how consoles are more successful and then backpedal when it's proven that the PC platform is more successful, boast about quality and then backpedal when it's proven that the very companies they admire for developing quality games are selling them closed-box, over-priced, mid-level garbage from 5 years ago and charging them 30 percent more per game so they can bilk more money out of them before proceeding to complain about the injustice of piracy.

Substance1012879d ago

Well here is the difference between PC gaming and Console gaming:

Buy 1000usd rig in 2006 lets say its running games at 1080p 30fps.

Buy 500usd rig in 2010 runs the same game at 1080p but in 60fps (PC is performing @ 200% of the rig made 4 years ago at lower price).

Buy 600usd console in 2006, performs at a certain level.

Buy the same console @ 300usd in 2010, performs at the same level as before.

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Pandamobile2879d ago

The Q6600 uses a dead socket.

I don't think LGA 775 has been used since 2008 or so. To upgrade your CPU you'd probably need a new mobo and RAM to go with it.

evrfighter2879d ago

I probably only bubble someone once every few months. Well Said Kaveti.

Substance1012879d ago


The Q6600 was an awesome CPU for its time, and even still its very good for gaming. I would recommend you overclock it to about 3ghz (it should get there easy).

You really dont need a fast CPU for games. Its the GPU where its at.

So OC the CPU(its an easy task). Upgrade the GPU to something like a GTX 560 or 6870ATI, and you will be set for another few years of 1080p gaming.

BattleAxe2879d ago

I'll take my GTX 260 thanks...

imvix2879d ago


With how old current consoles are GTX260 is outstanding. Hell a 8800gtx still cuts through games in 1080p, this industry really is at a halt until next consoles arrive.

WhiteNoise2879d ago


Holy fu<k dude.

Never has a +bubble been so well earned.
I don't normally go there, but


Sarcasm2879d ago

Reddead, the Q6600 is still a good CPU. I'd invest in an aftermarket cooler and overclock that sucker. It would be more than enough. Then use any other money you have and get a good GPU like the 560Ti

nanometric2879d ago

Tbh, PC isn't expensive if you don't want it to be, but it is pricier then console gaming. But personaly, I prefer gaming on my PS3 instead of my PC, even though I invested a $hitload of money in to it. And for some odd reason I also prefer console type graphics, PC are just too PC'ish, lol.

But for the most part I agree with you.

Letros2879d ago


You know you can get console type graphics on PC, right?

Lower the resolution to 1280x720, turn off all AA, now turn off all AF, install FPS limiter(link below) and set it to 30fps. I know it won't be quite the same, but it should look like something close to a pile of dung.

nanometric2879d ago

Haha, I should have realized, that I was setting myself up for that one :D
But seriously, I don't know what why I'm not too fond of PC graphics, as tehnically supperior they are. Maybe they are too sterile or sumthing, wierd I know.

Letros2879d ago

Glad you took it with humor =)

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Kakkoii2879d ago


The Q6600 is more than enough for any game right now, it's not bottlenecking you.

And it's not locked at 2.6Ghz. Q6600's can reach 4GHZ in many cases on good air cooling. Google search about how to overclock the Q6600, you should be able to go to at least 3.4Ghz no problem.

2879d ago
Substance1012879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Can you tell us the motherboard model you are using? Like i mentioned above q6600 is still good to go, getting it to 3ghz is a peace of cake. as kokkoii mentioned those cpus have been known to hit the 4ghz mark.

DeathMetal14742879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

I run a old quad core qx6700 @ 2.66, was wondering if I bought this would it bottleneck the CPU. If the game is GPU intensive will you even notice a bottleneck. Just wanted to get a new card from a 260 GTX. Would this be worth it with current specs or a waste. Thanks

Kakkoii2879d ago


No, your CPU is more than enough for this card, although I would advise trying to overclock it to at least 3Ghz.

But when we talk about bottlenecking the GPU, what we mean is that a CPU can't do it's processing tasks in the game quick enough to allow for a smooth framerate from the GPU. And your CPU is still more than enough for any game, probably for at least another 2 years if not more.

This is a fairly good purchase for the price, the 40nm process is finally fully matured allowing for these lower prices. Near the end of this year 28nm GPU's will be coming out, and then you'd probably want to wait for the refresh version on 28nm in 2012 to upgrade again if you were going to.

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Newtype2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )


Pandamobile2879d ago

The 560 is a frickin' beast for $250

Sarcasm2879d ago

And at stock clocks too. Looking at the OC results, it's a whole another level in terms of performance per dollar. Nvidia has a hit on their hands.

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