Crysis 2: Multiplayer-Demo officially coming to PC, not for PS3

Crytek announced that they'll release a new multiplayer demo of Crysis 2 for pc just some days before offical release.

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Deathstroke2854d ago

I guess they didn't want to compete with Killzone 3. Can't blame them though considering Killzone 3 blows Crysis 2 out of the water. Even the first Crysis is better than Crysis 2.

MastaMold2854d ago

Yea I dont care Killzone 3 open beta next week i'll be playing that and nothing else

KillerBBs2849d ago

Blow this game out of the water.


1 out of 10 people that buy this game will play it on line for more than one week.

2. This game will be plagued with lag.

3. this game will have more glitches than Gears of War.

King_many_layers2853d ago

I'm guessing one of three things.

1. They don't wish to compete with KZ as deathstroke said above.
2. They haven't quite got it running to the same standard unfortunately, or.
3. Microsoft have paid them to show it off more on xbox so they get more sales.

MeNoRasta2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )


Number 3 as you stated is what Microsoft is good at,marketing.

If Sony did that they might sell more multi platform games.

Tachyon_Nova2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I would have thought its because as we all know PS3 fans all own gaming PC's, yet prefer to play on console. Funny how so many of you claim to have played Crysis and know how bad it apparently is yet still are amazed by console graphics...

BattleAxe2853d ago

Maybe Sony asked EA to take a back seat on this one, since they seem to have such a great relationship.

RBLAZE19882853d ago

That's kind of a weird request since this demo would release in march after killzone 3 is already out so it wouldn't really affect anything. My guess is it might have to do with the security breach by the hackers and geotroll...

RBLAZE19882853d ago

Man I hope this isn't because of the hacking and the ps3 security being cracked open. If it is then I hope all the hackers get ass cancer.

If it isn't because of the security breach and the hackers then I have a big middle finger for crytek. I'm still getting this but I wanna try it out too...

DeadlyFire2853d ago

Just a demo. If I want a PS3 or X360 game I do not care for a demo. I want the game.

I will be playing KILLZONE 3 and Crysis 2(PC Edition) :P I get to play with my new graphics card. :)

Inside_out2853d ago

I hope this has nothing to do with Sony. Sony has in the past not been kind to games releasing in the same window as it's exclusives...not a good idea. Crysis is launching a month AFTER KZ3. There's room for both of them to exist.

EA and Crytek are both going to be around for a while and if Sony is saying no thanks to the beta...a very good possibility, then it will come back to bite them in the A$$. I have notice some warming up in EA's relationship with M$ recently with Bulletstorm and XBL EA sales...Hmmmm. Just look at all the games EA has coming out in 2011. You just can't pick and choose when you want to endorse third party gaming.

Keep in mind that while Sony's line up looks great this year, it's bone dry for next unless you think 2010 was a good year for Sony...O_o

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Pandamobile2854d ago

People who only have a PS3?

MysticStrummer2854d ago

Except me I guess. I couldn't care less, about the demo or the full game.

nolifeking2853d ago

Or....People who REALLY wanna play crysis 2 and only have a ps3. It's all I really have and don't give a squirt of piss.

BattleAxe2853d ago

Well it doesn't matter to me, because I'm getting this game no matter what. I don't need a demo, but I'm still unsure if I'm gonna get it on Steam or PS3 mainly because i have way more friends on PS3 for multiplayer, but the PC version will look the best, but I hate modded servers, so I'm just totally undecided.

scofios2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

In case you didn't now most of them have a pc and even some with an xbox . and i hate to tell you but the full game is still coming to ps3 . i only said who cares beacause most ps3 owners will buy killzone 3 instead of this game , just like most of the xbox crouwd will go with bulletstorm instead .

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Buho2853d ago

LOL no one. The only people who care about Crysis are the PC fanboys. The majority of console gamers don't even know about Crysis.

zeksta2854d ago

Crysis my Ass, the game was fun technology and software at first, but now it's just dumb-downed console software like a lot of the games that first begin to appear on Consoles.

Mark my words, Crysis 2 is going to have a lot of Glitches and Connection Issues day one of release, up till at-least 2 weeks on.


Still they don't show any PS3 footage?

Something weird is going on. What do you guys think?

CaliGamer2854d ago

I bet MS struck some sort of deal w/ them. Or maybe the game might look like crap, you win some, you lose some I guess. KZ3, Socom, Resistanc and UC for me then, I think I'll survive tho. :-)

Tachyon_Nova2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Seriously, 4 games in 1 year? If you only mean 4 FPS's, then why would one of them be Socom? Oh wait, it's exclusive, and therefore will be TeH AwesOmeS!

There is no way that Socom is going to be a better game than every single one of the following FPS's (all out this year): Battlefield 3, Bodycount, Brink, Crysis 2, Duke Nukem, Ghost Recon FS, Op Flashpoint, and Rage.

CaliGamer2853d ago

Hmm... Why would one of them be Socom? You probably also mean Uncharted.

Well sir, I love those games. Have logged many hours onto all of them.

I don't really know when I said Socom or any other one of these games would be better than the ones you mentioned, but if you find it in my post please kindly point it out.

In reality, people like you need to accept that Sony exclusives are second to none. You might not like the company for whatever reason, but their products are quality. Plain and simple.

Don't get mad at me because my opinion differs from yours. Enjoy Crysis 2.

FYI - Most if, not all the games you mentioned are also out on PS3 so I don't even understand your point..... lol.

awiseman2850d ago

Ites cuz it probably has alot of technical issues that they r trying to resolve. Srsly...if the xbox had glitches and that the esiest platform to dev for outside of the pc itself...then imagine the ps3...

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