TGS: Eurogamer - Sony conference report

Eurogamer reports on the Sony conference where Sony president Kaz Hirai covered subjects including: DualShock 3, pricing, developers, studio aquasitions, new games, the future, PlayStaion Home, PSP-Remote Play, plus his thoughts on Wii.

In all, the message from Hirai at TGS was that Sony is listening to and trying to assist those who own and wish to develop for its platforms. That may not satisfy the voices screaming for a European price cut, but it will likely be welcomed by developers and publishers keen to see their investment in another generation of PlayStation rewarded.

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Nodoze3902d ago

Aquasition - The process of acquiring something while in the water.

Seriously WTF is an aquasition??

squallsoft3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

so far its very strange how closely this console generation is mirroroing the last. All great consoles struggle in the beginning. Its an historic fact. I think Sony is doing the right thing listening to thier user base. I see a bright future for the PS3 and i can't wait to go along for the ride XD