( How Long Will the 7th Generation of Consoles be Around

Arcee speculates on the current generation of gaming consoles and how long we will have to wait before the next generation hits the consumer market.

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stonecold32699d ago

great article but i do disagree ps3 will outlast the 360 and wii . if theres sales in decline for the wii i would expect to hear more info e3 2012. maybe even m$ . the 360 has already gone nearly into its 6th year now multiplatforms will never push ps3 to the limits because developers want both versions equal . the only ones i will see push ps3 to the max is naughty dog or or sucker punch or guirella games . i think 360 has tapped already to be honest. i dont know about the wii unless nintendo needs to push a powerful hardware sooner and make it hardcore like the snes peace out ?

Dramscus2699d ago

Yeah I think the ps3 will end up sitting pretty for a while. I could see sony waiting a full year or two after microsofts next console to put out a ps4. Use the time to work the price down on whatever their working on. Unless you can release day and date with a lower price compared to your competition it's best to wait a good long time for things to blow over a bit.

Judging from what I see in present consoles I fully intend to buy each of the next generation. Motion gaming will mature quite nicely. Nintendo knows they need to top the wii's motion gimick. Microsoft second version of the kinect, with more powerful hardware and experienced developers. And Sony with 3D and various motion implementations they implement, who show much movement in the augmented reality field.

I_find_it_funny2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

PS3 is doing good and failhackers won't make PS4 release even a day faster.

PS3 may outlast Xbox but both new system will release quite at the same time no more a year split,

Istanbull2699d ago

Last night I finished with Majin and the forsaken Kingdom. It came out 3 months ago and was multiplatform.

Its from the same company that made Folklore, 2007 PS3 exclusive, I'm going to be honest: Folklore looks so much better despite 3 years older. The same with Heavenly Sword and Enslaved...

Kalipekona2699d ago

I bet anything that we will see a new console by 2012.

Yes, this generation will last longer than previous generations, we can already see that. The 360 came out in 2005 and the PS3 in 2006 and we are already in 2011. Normally we would already have a new console by now, or at least know about it. But by 2012 one of the platform holders will have to budge.

I suspect that it will likely be Nintendo first, then Microsoft and last Sony. It seems from the NGP that Sony wants to continue to take the route of high performance/high cost and that could indicate a later release date, but who knows. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

evrfighter2699d ago

Got Damn I feel bad for you guys. With dx11 becoming the norm. next gen is going to be starting soon on the pc.

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malandra2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Sony has been saying since 2006 that the PS3 will have a ten years life cycle and nothing indicates that it won't happen, PS4 will be announced at E3 in 2015 and will release for holidays 2016

Microsoft considers Kinect a new console, and due to its success with casual audience they don't see any need for more graphic power, so there might not even be a new console since they don't care about core audience anymore and the current hardware is enough for casual for many years to come

Sega might jump back to compete with Sony

on the other hand, Nintendo will announce a new console at E3 next year (2012) and will be released the following holiday season, this year is all about the 3Ds

TheStorm2699d ago

Yea that is with all of their consoles. PSOne had a 10 year lifecycle, they stopped production about a decade after its release, and same with the PS2. Their life cycles are 10 years you can still buy PS2's, however that does not mean they don't create their next gen in 5-6 years after launch.

malandra2699d ago


nope, Sony never said anything about how long the life cycle of the PSX and PS2 was going to be, they only said it about the PS3

Kon2699d ago

It will be over in 2012-13

kramun2699d ago

I think you're likely to see a new console in the next 3 years, maybe even as soon as 2012. Guess we'll have to wait for E3.

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