Gamespot: Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection Hands-On

The upcoming Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection for the PlayStation 3 is the highly anticipated HD compilation of Team Ico-made PlayStation 2 games that was detailed at last year's Tokyo Game Show. The fan favorites are getting the red-carpet treatment for the collection thanks to an HD upgrade and 3D support. We were able to get a taste of both games--running in 2D and 3D--during a visit to Sony's Japanese offices this week and are happy to report that they're both looking sharp.

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ksense2728d ago

day 1. missed out when it first came out so cannot wait for this!

sinncross2728d ago

I own both on PS2 and want to pick this up: great to hear this benefits from an HD upgrade :)

thereapersson2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I missed ICO when it first came out, so finding a new copy ended up being really expensive. I decided to wait, and sure enough this was announced. The fact that they're taking advantage of the PS3's hardware with this means that the frame rate issues of SoTC and sometimes ICO will be non-existent.

edit: YEAH! Co-op!

"The biggest tweaks to the original game are the inclusion of gameplay elements from the European version of the game (including a new ending and a two-player mode), trophies, and 3D support."

In a case like this, I am more than happy to buy games over again if they provide enough compelling reasons to.

zootang2727d ago

I wonder if we will be able to buy these collections for the NGP?

mushroomwig2727d ago


Very doubtful, but perhaps it'll be playable on the PSP2 through remote play.

Cenobia2727d ago


I wouldn't expect too much from the co-op. I didn't play the Euro version myself, but I do know that Yorda waits around a lot while you are solving puzzles.

That being said, Ico/SotC are my favorite games of all time, so I can't wait to get this.

Commander_TK2727d ago

The best thing about this collection is that I missed out on the two games.

ComboBreaker2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

you can really see the scale of the mountains far far away in the distance. It's just pure amazing and adds so much more to the game.

When you're fighting a colossus, and you're way up there at the top, and you look down, with 3D, if you're afraid of height, you're going to see how high it really is, and how far down it is, if you drop. It really brings out the feelings in your stomach. Takingn immersion to a total new level.

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booni32727d ago

I have never played neither, so they're completely new games to me. Very excited.

OllieBoy2727d ago

Ugh, give me some gameplay videos already.

SasanovaS19872727d ago

are you stupid? just look up the ps2 versions u nub. jesus, then just imagine it in HD and 3D. is it that hard? fail at logic

Fulensenca2727d ago

I can' t wait to play again those two masterpieces!

I' m so happy Sony decided to do this remake in HD.

BoNeSaW232727d ago

Hope Shadow runs 60 FPS and has more responsive controls. I thought the controls were pretty bad, really mechanical. I only made it to the 3rd or 4th Colossi then never picked it up again. I'll give it a rent first to see if Shadow is improved before buying.

wildcat2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I never thought the controls were bad. They were actually quite simple and perhaps the response was a tad slow, but it never stopped me from doing what I wanted in the game. I think the camera was the biggest issue many had with SotC. If they're fixing anything it's that.

BoNeSaW232727d ago

I remember the controls being clunky and mechanical. And framerate issues. What do you want them to do with the Camera? Don't remember how it worked. It's been along time ago. Never played ICO, some say it is worth the purchase alone. I'll give it a rent for sure.

Kakihara2727d ago

Aaaw, later this year? That phrase doesn't make it sound like I'll be playing this soon enough. A very early in the year release for this is all that's making me able to wait for The last guardian.

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