Signs that you might be a video game villain (complete with test)

You might not know it, but you could be a video game villain. Right now, as you read this article, you could have a nefarious plot festering inside your very soul and might not know it. In fact, according to the criteria of certain video games, you could be considered villainous just by looking for these key symptoms. G3 has the facts when it comes to villain detection; so read on and follow this guide to know yourself and see your villain score at the end of the article!

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teh2878d ago

i am so a villain lol

Murgatroyd72878d ago

I'm just a lowly henchman.

omicron0092877d ago

damn, Im just a henchman as well :(

ItsEvan2877d ago

Seasoned villain. Gonna take over me some worlds now.

Rah5er02877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Your right, people of color usually are villains in some way or another in games; except for the Black Ranger..? (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), the game itself was the villain, Spawn, although his powers come from evil, Afro Samurai, Storm (X-men), and of course Blade, and that's not even a handful. Bottom line, your right, all the physical attributes mentioned usually fit for a good ole villain.

Good Read!