Xenoblade Still Listed On Nintendo’s Release Calendar

Siliconera: There’s been a lot of talk about Xenoblade and The Last Story in recent times, with debates and complaints around whether or not the two games will be localized. To clear this up, we look to Nintendo’s list of games for the year ahead.

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Mahr2730d ago

Means nothing.

I mean, Hoshi no Kirby was on the release calendar for years and it's not like that game is ever going to come ouOH MY GOD

lil boy blue2730d ago

good news. now wheres the last story?

LoaMcLoa2730d ago


I've imported both games. They're all fun to play and stuff, but it's really annoying to not understand a single word of what they're saying D: I'll buy one extra copy of each game if they come over!

kramun2730d ago

Wow, that's hardcore. Fair play to ya.

kesvalk2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

i did the same for KH2, finished the game without knowing a single word of what they we're talking...