Persona 2 Innocent Sin Screenshots

42 screenshots for Persona 2 Innocent Sin.

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SnakeMustDie2392d ago

I wonder how atlus is going to handle "hitler" on this one.

NeoBasch2392d ago

For some reason, I'm really excited for this one. Reminds me of Persona 3 quite a bit (in terms of atmosphere). SMT is one of the only dependable JRPG's left in terms of quality. Atlus will pull through.

femshep2392d ago

.....this should wait to be launched with the NGP and re-release P3p on it too

Stealth20k2392d ago

this is a psp game. Not a ngp one.

femshep2392d ago

thats what im saying it should be one so should p3p cause what good is having the game if i cant play it on upgrade