Nintendo Reports 46% Profit Fall Q3 profits take a hit as company makes way for 3DS...

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Shok2705d ago

This is good. This means that we should be seeing the Wii 2 sooner than we think.

ChickeyCantor2705d ago

Cause it will be twilight princess all over again...

pangitkqb2705d ago

The release of the 3DS will turn this around pretty quickly.

ABizzel12705d ago

Twilight Princess was a good game. Not the best Zelda, but a good one nonetheless.

ChickeyCantor2705d ago

Im not talking about that, im talking about the fact that it will be a port from a Wii game put onto the next console.

eagle212705d ago

Still outsold the competition and made over $600 MILLION in profit before 3DS (that they announced spring 2010). I want to see another company announce something a year off and still dominate. :)

CaptainPunch2705d ago

Oh how the mighty have fallen. It's only a matter of time when Nintendo's profits rise due to the 3DS.

SasanovaS19872705d ago

even with their 46% profit fall, im sure they made the most money :/ so i cant really call it a fall...more like...hey, their making shitz load of moneys, but not as much shitz loads of moneys as before...a billion dollars is still a billion dollars even if its half of 2 billion...ITS FREAKING BILLION DOLLARS FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

XANDEO2705d ago

To be fair, i still think they earn more than sony and microsoft's game studios put together, i could be wrong but, it would be rather funny.

Thudd2705d ago

Well its still over a billion dollars so they are doing just fine. MS made 600+ million and Sony will show a smaller profit by far than that. Nintendo is still smiling.

ozstar2704d ago

source on that 600 million?

And i didn't see Nintendo losing millions on their other divisions, like for eg. smart phones that nobody bought.

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The story is too old to be commented.