1001 Games: Sonic Adventure and Quanity Does Not Equal Quality

According to the "1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die" book, this game was conceived when it's producer Takashi Izaka approached Sonic creator Yuji Naka with an idea for a brand new Sonic RPG that would have emphasis on story, characters, and 3-D visuals. I honestly can't help but see the classic competitive spirit between them and Nintendo mascot Mario, who's debut 3D game featured a minimalistic story and only one playable character, but mastered the relatively new genre of 3D platformer. The book calls the game a "flawed-masterpiece" and before I would have argued that the game really didn't have any problems aside from hardware issues. I would have argued that that the game was designed nearly perfectly with the exception of the mandatory fishing levels. But now I know exactly what they were talking about.

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TheNartist2457d ago

I've always though of sonic adventure to be a pioneer in platforming. It was what super mario 64 was for mario, for better or for worse. it lead sonic into the new era, and he never(almost) looked back.

Kai10002457d ago

I loved the original sonic adventure. I did think the big the cat and amy levels were a bit annoying but they at least tried something with them, rushed as it was.

Xander-RKoS2456d ago

I'm still really glad Sonic Adventure 2 stream lined it and put just the three best parts of Sonic Adventure in the game.

TheBlackLink2457d ago

Wow, overall a very good read. I can honestly say that I agree with you on the points of SA being a partial classic, partial dud kind of game. The story is well told, and the character development is great, but certain gameplay elements are so out of whack when compared to Sonic's highly refined stages that it almost seems like they were half thought-out ideas.

Minor flaws aside, Sonic Adventure is still a worthwhile landmark for the series, breaking the franchise into a new age with a well made 3D world; and fleshing it's characters out in an awesome way.
Good stuff.