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Submitted by SCEA_RULES 1842d ago | news

SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Gameplay is Extreme‎

"It's been awhile since we've heard from Zipper Interactive about SOCOM 4. Rest assured more is on the way with a release date closing in at April 19th, 2011. Featured in this latest gameplay montage, the "bread and butter" of the game, it's multiplayer component, is featured. Expect a lot more on the way in the coming months to get you prepped and ready for action when the game releases in just a couple of months." (PS3, SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs, Socom 4, SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs)

ksense  +   1842d ago
my wallet is telling me to stop but my heart says otherwise. Who is in for a gamestop raid :P
Christopher  +   1842d ago
Reminds me of MAG. Not really extreme gameplay considering and kind of disappointed with the graphics so far. Perhaps those will be updated by release.
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ABizzel1  +   1842d ago
I've never been a SOCOM fan. I thought they were good games, and I've played all the PSP demos, but it's just not my kind of shooter. I like Sci-Fi, shooters like Resistance, Killzone, and Halo.


It does look like MAG a little bit, but they did make MAG. My guess is the online will be a combination of MAG and Confrontation (the good parts). Graphically it's acceptable, but I'm sure this is a old build.
RBdrift  +   1842d ago
Any Socom fan well tell you that Socom has never been about graphics but instead all about its addictive game play.
KozmoOchez  +   1842d ago
@cgoodno: graphics are not gameplay...

@ABizzel1: Zipper didnt make Confrontation, which is apparent since it blows compared to the others(not that i didnt still put 100+hours into it) I just want the same addicting gameplay that all other SOCOM games had.

I might even bounce between classic and non-classic game modes from time to time. If anyone knows SOCOM, there is no fun playing ranked matches with no respawns without a proper team or i might hop in respawn from time to time when I just want to build really see how much accuracy you gain when you go from ranked to unranked matches, b/c you can't afford to miss in no respawn matches
Christopher  +   1842d ago
***@cgoodno: graphics are not gameplay... ***

Who said they were? Did you ignore the first part of my comments that talked about gameplay looking a lot like MAG?

And a discussion on graphics is totally within the realm of proper discussion in addition to gameplay.
UNLOADEAD  +   1842d ago
@ cgoodno
MAG is First Person, Socom Has Always Been 3rd Person, Thats a Big difference in Gameplay.
Christopher  +   1842d ago
***MAG is First Person, Socom Has Always Been 3rd Person, Thats a Big difference in Gameplay. ***

Nothing in that video looked any different than what I've done in MAG. Sure, the perspective may be different, but the gameplay didn't look any different.

I'd love to be proven wrong. Don't take my analysis of this video as me saying the game will just be MAG or that the graphics will disappoint me at release. It's an analysis of what I saw in that trailer, which was a TPS version of MAG. I saw absolutely nothing new. Nothing.

Please, Zipper, prove me wrong in the future. It will only lead to increasing the chances I would buy the game.
ABizzel1  +   1842d ago
Read people. I never said Zipper made SOCOM Confrontation, I said they made MAG.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1842d ago
Bring back the Voice Commands from Socom 1 and 2, and make the game play like those two did and I'll buy it day 1.
Ame_No_Shiryuu  +   1842d ago
WOW.., really beyond expectation!!
Burning_Finger  +   1842d ago
Team Bravo


Team Alpha

Now, Who's with me??
cody2oo  +   1842d ago
tps with 32 players, and a history to be challenging, im down
Bluemaster77  +   1842d ago
lmao ! what is this what they consider "extreme" ill just wait for ghost recon
solidworm  +   1842d ago
looks awesome if u had a ps3 you could play it lol.
XANDEO  +   1842d ago
Never played a Soccom game before, but im looking foward to this more than any other game for online play, looks really good.

Is that a real SU90 Shotgun you get for pre ordering?
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KozmoOchez  +   1842d ago
yes...gamestop is giving out real shotguns when you put $5 down on a $60 video game. YOU DON'T EVEN NEED A GUN LICENSE TO USE IT!!
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1842d ago
Multiplayer for up to 32 players and 5 player co op this is going to be awesome!!!!!! Another PS3 exclusive i will be getting!!!!
Malebaria  +   1842d ago
Looks great. Yay for a classic Socom mode!
crazyclown  +   1842d ago
Im still buying it no matter what cuz socom rules but Ive been informed from re. bad news argg :(

forums link:

WAS NOT ME THAT WROTE THIS - just a quote to inform others on the current situation @ --> I AGREE WITH HIM :( BUT STILL PURCHASING THIS BAD BOY W00T


----------------------------- ----------------------------

Zipper hear me out,


I just wanted to elaborate on the four points I made in the original post. There are alot more things that piss me and others off but here are my major ones.

A Classic Mode that is not the primary focus of the multiplayer experience

- When has SOCOM ever been respawn focused game? It seems to me like the hardcore fanbase is being pushed aside to make room for mainstream gamers. Since when do non socom players take priority over the already established and successful franchises fanbase. Please tell me also how is it a "Classic" mode without our old gametypes, pistols, d-pad lean and the list goes on. You might as well rename "classic" to half assed features that the socom community wanted.

The removal of all of the classic gamemodes and the introduction to new disappointing ones

- Another example of how the "Classic" Mode is mocking the hardcore fanbase. This will be the first SOCOM game in the franchise (including psp titles) without the following modes; demo, escort, extract, and breach. Why is SOCOM in the title if it does not include gamemodes that made the series what it is? Honestly these new gamemodes do not sound exciting at all. I played capture the flag at recess in elementary school I don't want it in SOCOM.

Addition of Killstreaks, XP System, Airstrikes and so on.

- Why do we have an XP system? Just be honest with us and tell us it was to attract mainstream gamers. The biggest problem I have in this particular topic is with KILLSTREAKS! Since when does a SOCOM game reward you for getting 3 kills in a row with an airstrike? How is that fun? SOCOM was about a tactical shooter experience. Not a run and gun kill everyone you can in a row before you die type of game and get rewarded with a airstrike.

Server Lists, Game Lists and Custom Public Rooms are now gone

- As a SOCOM player in all of these years I never had a problem finding a room and found the server listing to be the most effective way to display rooms. This feature kept the game organized and easy to navigate in finding a room that we WANTED to play in. It also created a sense of community knowing every night you could go in US East and play with the same guys. Now we can't even make a public tryout room for our clan thanks!
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Bits-N-Kibbles  +   1842d ago
Love Hate Relationship
I've gotten all Socoms in the past and I'm not always happy about them (Confrontation being the most disliked) but if they change to respawn being the standard mode, there is no way in HELL I will buy this game. There are other games out there I'd rather play or even other things I'd rather do than sit down in a respawn mess. Zipper is trying to make Socom more like COD and shush their fan base by adding on a "Classic" mode.

I propose that no one buy this game and be vocal about changing it back to the no-respawn it has always been until the changes have been made. (and how the f*ck do they think they would get away with no demolition? the most popular played game type of all socoms? WTF!)
XabiTheHumble  +   1842d ago
At least GG listened to their fans.
Ray186  +   1842d ago
They even removed Demolition. In no way should this game be called Socom.
KozmoOchez  +   1842d ago
I'm sure there is an equivalent
Raptura  +   1842d ago
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richard919  +   1842d ago
damn causal gamer pieces of shit have completely ruined this generation!

whats next the addition of perks???
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Ray186  +   1842d ago
Aim Assist in a Socom game. Are you kidding me. Also in the last 2 minutes of a match a billboard with your name appears above your head to cut down on camping. You know they removed guns hot because it wasn't realistic. Yet somehow magic billboards telling everyone where you are located are.
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KozmoOchez  +   1842d ago
persistent in trolling SOCOM that is the same exact post you put in the 5player co-op article
richard919  +   1842d ago
so being pissed off that a game has been decimated of all the features that made it a great franchise is considered trolling?
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   1842d ago
KozmoOchez: GTFO you casual gamer
You are the reason this game is going to sh*t. It's a damn shame that Zipper has convinced themselves that this is OK.
KozmoOchez  +   1842d ago
NEGATIVE...i've been playing the game since SOCOM 1. I have 100+hours logged into confrontation(go look up my psn stats for proof if you want)

I'm planning on playing on classic mode, if you read anything instead of jumping to conclusions, you would see that classic mode plays the same way as the old ones do.

You are the casual gamer, anytime you can complain over something as small as aim assist and "name appearing above head". Besides, if you noticed, only the names of teammates appeared above their heads.
MidnytRain  +   1842d ago
-Non sibi sed patriae-

Epic. This game will own April. But I might have to pick it up after that due to Crysis 2/Homefront releasing in March.
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DarkFantasy  +   1842d ago
looks great fun to me i willing to give it a shot! can't wait for the beta!
XabiTheHumble  +   1842d ago
Zipper will soon learn that shitting on your hardcore fanbase is never a smart thing to do. Because when the casuals decide to move on to the next commercial success, you will have nobody left.

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