Gamepro: SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Preview

"After all the bad things people had to say about SOCOM: Confrontation’s online hiccups, it’s nice to see the developer approaching multiplayer with such zeal. I really want to know what the mystery mode is, though. Sure, Last Defense was good fun because it added a twist to the standard control-this-point mode. But that makes me wonder if Zipper took a basic game mode like king of the hill and modified it--or came up with something new for this fourth, unnamed mode."

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ddurand12795d ago

I hope my copy of killzone 3 comes with an invitation to this beta. i may avoid amazon just to find a copy with the beta invitation!

AutoCad2795d ago

Ha this game dissapoints all hardcore socom gamers.
before the disagrees go look at the

Kingscorpion19812795d ago

The hardcore gamers just wants the classic mode and not the other modes. They want Socom 4 to play like Socom 2

Killustrious2795d ago

Hope the fourth mode is Demolition.
Hope they bring back character customization.

Hope they make "Classic" mode the primary mode and this new "Standard" mode the secondary mode. Doesn't feel like this is gonna give me the same feel as S2 already.......hope the BETA might change my mind..


There is a Classis Mode and Arcade Mode.

Panthers2795d ago

He is saying that it isnt called Standard mode. Its called Arcade, which sounds more like Zipper isnt making Arcade the standard mode. I hope Classic will be the standard.

Kingscorpion19812795d ago

There trying to satisfy the casual gamers as well so they can sell more.

jdktech20102795d ago

With all due respect to those who love elimination style gameplay, I find it just breeds camping more than anything else and it's everyone staring at an area until someone runs each their own but I wouldn't have bought SOCOM if it didn't have respawns

Panthers2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )


SpitFireAce852795d ago

Here is a trailer where they answer a few questions
check it out..

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