A Sunset Deferred: Looking at the Unsatisfying Ending of Red Dead Redemption

Examining the ending of Red Dead Redemption beyond its sheer shock factor and feeling not entirely satisfied.

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CaptainPunch2550d ago

I thought the ending was great.

ComboBreaker2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

you rode the horse back and the music started playing.

Perfect ending right there.

- Ghost of Sparta -2549d ago

The ending left me questioning why I even bothered playing this game for so long, and Jack's voice was extremely irritating. Undead Nightmare is better than RDR.

FrankMcSpank2549d ago

RDR had a great ending. Well it had like four epic cinematic endings throughout the game. But after the ending the game could keep going on and then you could do the 'real' ending after the regular ending. RDR felt like ti never ended and was one of the most reqwarding experience this gen.

ASSASSYN 36o2549d ago

Exactly! That ending was epic. Especially since you could keep playing as Marston's son.

Dsnyder2549d ago

One of the best this gen. Screw this flamebait.

Axecution2549d ago

It wasn't flamebait. It was his feelings about the ending of the game that he called Game of the Year.

Did any one of you even read the article? Ugh of course not. -.-

Whatever. Good read. I do agree with a lot of his points. I think maybe having two different endings depending on how 'good' or 'bad' you are might have been a good idea. :E I dunno. lol maybe it wouldn't.

All-in-all i really liked Red Dead, and it's ending. And to the certain N4G idiots read the title without even clicking the article, please, just stop commenting. >.<

r1sh122548d ago

I dont think the ending suited a game.
Maybe for a film yea but not a game.
I played as john throughout I dont see why I should play his son, If there is a sequel Im not going to buy it, because I want to play John

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Spartacus54052549d ago

The ending was pretty damn awesome although it wasn't very epic IMO the Marshall never had a fighting chance and the revenge was alittle underwhelming
still one of the best open world games
alot better that GTA4 BTW

showtimefolks2549d ago

and 10minutes later the guy is dead i wanted like real hunting for that SOB and all i got was his wife telling me where he was and he didn't put up any fight

but i do understand the ending i just hope somehow in the 3rd game we can still play as him RS always make new characters for every sequel so i think we have seen the last of john

Deathstroke2549d ago

I thought the ending was mediocre. Then again, I never play a Rockstar game for the story.

Kon2549d ago

Horrible ending. John's son was so meh.

Lirky2549d ago

Well rockstar gave u a choice how u wanted to end the game going home and not doing the home missions just chilling, or Do the full-game ending doing home missions + finalizing it all i like just not doing home missions after coming back from nekoti rock.

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The story is too old to be commented.