PS3 goes "Back to Basics" with games focus

Playing games is what the Playstation has been about since inception, despite the additional desire to transform the PS3 into the ultimate home entertainment machine for video, audio, gaming, computing, interacting and even creating content – but without games first and foremost, the rest follows much more slowly, if at all.

The AP quoted Hirai as saying, in regards to gaming as a core PS3 capability, that "We must get back to basics". Now that the PS3's entertainment center and DVD/Blu-ray playback capabilities are well established and are being improved upon with new updates, the focus has finally gone back to games – the battleground a games console competes on!

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thereapersson3867d ago

I love the media capabilities of the PS3, but it's a long wait till this holiday season when all the heavy hitters drop. Nice to see that Sony is recognizing the need for a videogames console to play VIDEOGAMES.

Let's just hope they take the ball and run with it

mighty_douche3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

dude, i love all the 'extras' the ps3 has but now we need GAMES! im sure sony wont let us down, they're very focussed on their customer base and will try their best to stay loyal to them, unlike some other companies... not naming names....

thereapersson3867d ago

Even though they dropped the ball more times than we would like to realize, at least almost every consumer demand thus far has been realized, and there is still more to come. It's nice to know that through the "failed promises" hype there is actual delivery on Sony's end.

Nameless3867d ago

I will believe this when I see it. Sony says alot of crap.

BloodySinner3867d ago

When did Sony wake up and smell the coffee? Anyway, if this is the case, they have lots of work to do.

SL1M DADDY3867d ago

Games are coming to the PS3 and from the looks of the exclusive titles they have lined up, they will have a great end to this year and a great 2008.

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The story is too old to be commented.