GameSpot: SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Hands-On

"SOCOM 4 multiplayer was largely an enjoyable experience.But overall, we had a good time with the game. We especially enjoyed the way SOCOM 4 lets you play it how you want, whether that's going with the default gameplay options or sticking to the Classic mode variants. No matter which side of that divide you happen to fall on, you can expect to see the game released on April 19. "

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SJPFTW2704d ago

OMG so many good multiplayer games coming our for ps3.

BiggCMan2704d ago

Starting with KILLZONE 3 next month!!! Then Socom, Resistance, Uncharted. And everything else besides multiplayer. My poor wallet.

SpitFireAce852704d ago

Need more $$$$ anyone interested in a kidney
good condition,25 years old,rarely drinks,no
kidney stones...

OMFG April 19th yes beta soon woohoo great time
to be a gamer...

BiggCMan2704d ago

How do you get in the beta? I must have missed this information.

NoOoB1012704d ago

@ biggman
Pre order Killzone 3 and it comes with the beta to socom =][

Agheil2704d ago

I have a feeling this might be good wasn't a big fan of the last Socom but did enjoy mag so we'll see what happens here

Sub-Zero852704d ago

Dammit. ..... same day as Mortal Kombat I guess Socom 4 will not get played that day!

Cyrax_872704d ago

Wait so..Mortal Kombat, Socom 4 and Motorstorm Apocalypse in the same month?!

Sub-Zero852704d ago

Yep both Mortal Kombat & Socom 4 both launch on the same day 4/19/2011 and motor storm either get released before or after MK & Socom 4

Cyrax_872704d ago

Well MK and Motorstorm are day 1, though I guess I can just save more money for all three...

Killustrious2704d ago

.....Seems like no character customization..? Really.......?

Don't like how they're trying to appeal to CoD crowd. Should be classic and only classic. I want lobbies. I want character customization. I want Demolition and no respawning.

Not sold on this right now...

Bits-N-Kibbles2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

We've been waiting too long for them to screw this up now. The game looks like it's all there, now it's just the structuring of it all. Their priority audience is not a general audience, they need to win over the hardcore fans before it can take off from there.

I feel like I'm watching them slowly dropping the ball while a gif is loading frame by frame.

(+ Bubbles)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2704d ago

Isnt there a classic mode where you have all the classic socom features like no respawn and no health regen?

totallysane2704d ago

your not sold on socom 4....i pity you

Bits-N-Kibbles2703d ago

and I will accept your pity.

NoOoB1012701d ago

I agree with bit n kibbles.
As a socom fan Im still on the looks more mainstream and not..well Socom. Socom has always been about skill and team work. Not respawns and aim assists. I hoping that respawns and aim assists are not in multiplayer as well as health regen.

totallysane2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

of course

@nooob i hope you arent what your name implies. videos can look deceiving sometimes, people still making decisions based on limited stuff they see on a video. wait til you get to try it out to make a decision. imo if it was someone else besides zipper doing this id say eh idk, but zipper is doing it so im on board

NoBias2704d ago

Did you all not watch the video all the way through? I'm a hardcore veteran and this game looks great. Classic mode is everything we've wanted.

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Bits-N-Kibbles2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

NOT GOOD to see that the new standard is Respawn and Health Regen. Socom needs to keep the Classic mode the standard and the only ranked. The rest should be warm-up. Rounds with no health regen is what makes SOCOM a tactical, team-based, and exciting shooter. With out it will turn into a run and gun grenade-fest just like all the other respawn health-regen shooters. Weak-Sauce. Thats right, getting behind some cover or running away like a coward to come back with full health is not realistic... or fair after you've lit a guy up in the chest to a sliver of health on the health bar.

Socom gets its intensity from the times when its just you and another guy against their entire team guarding the plant site with 4 minutes left, knowing that everyone is watching your every move. Expecting, judging, hoping, and cheering that will be the hero of the team.

There is no other game where after a round you will hear from multiple people on your team: "nice try", "next time", "good job" or "I can't believe you pulled out the win (or tie)".

Hopefully the Socom Community is full of veterans that will influence the rest of the Socom Community to have their focus on the "Classic" mode instead of this weak-sauce respawn health-regen crap.

Killustrious2704d ago

Agreed. Pretty disappointed right now, honestly.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2704d ago

dont be so quick to pass judgement least the mode is there, it will just be about getting enough people playing it.

Bits-N-Kibbles2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

The problem is that Classic should be the PRIMARY mode. The rest should be additional. They are turning a game with a heavy fanbase into a generic shooter. The issue that I have is that they are so close to "getting it", and they make a stupid move (IMO of course) at the very end to try to appeal to a "broader audience". They should have learned from Demon's Souls that a game doesn't appeal to everyone can still be a fantastic game AND have fantastic sales.

Another problem is that they are trying to justify what their doing by getting that broad audience through Killzone 3 (access to the SOCOM4 Beta if you pre-order KZ3).

I know I am overreacting and maybe even being hyperbolic, but this is a very easy "fix" to what they are saying. I good community like SOCOM should be able to voice themselves and get this changed before the game launches or before 2012.

(PS. Get some more bubbles so you can reply. I'll give you one, +)

Alpha_Gamer2704d ago

Agreed, as a hardcore Socom 1, 2 and even a bit of 3 player, I simply don`t like the direction I see for Socom 4. Now, I know I have not played it, but I can see what it`s all about, and I`m not really impressed. I`ll be playing the beta though, here`s to hoping I`ll be eating my words.

JAMurida2704d ago

I feel you guys. I really just want the old SOCOM with PS3 updated graphics and what not. The first thing that kinda turned me off in that video was how slow you run or better yet walk in the game and some other things. It definitely isn't the same SOCOM we knew and love but Idk...

The footage seem to of only showed the "arcade" mode. I don't think there was any footage from the classic mode of the game, seeing to how in pretty much every clip someone was using the cover system.

Like I said though, we'll see what happens...

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