Kitase and Toriyama Talk FFXIII-2 and Fabula Nova Crystallis

Andriasang: Hold on to your save data, because there may be some bonuses!

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GSpartan7772553d ago

That's a really nice write up and interesting as well. I really hope they are able to pull it off. Personally wasn't disappointed with FXIII. It could have definitely been better and also did leave wanting more after the end.

Shang-Long2552d ago

"The main reason they decided to make a sequel, said Toriyama, is that there was demand throughout the world"

what planet?

GSpartan7772552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

The planet where game developers don't care what the loud hating minority says online. Edit: The game got good and mixed review, sold surprisingly well despite the hate and criticism, and those who liked the game felt the game did not end strong enough. So there was demand.

Shang-Long2552d ago

feeling it didn't end strong enough. isn't really a demand though. just an opinion. FF games have well written stories and at the end leave you feeling like wow i completed a great adventure and still some mystery as to what could happen in the future. leave it at that then start a new FF game

if Sqaure really listened to demand. they would have remade FF7 by now.
and seriously. ff 13 just game out, noW part two is coming out this fast. what happend to the stuff cut out and the dlc they said they had. they threw that away for the demand for a better endding? or just made the dlc and all the stuff cut out into a new game.

this is a rant. my 1st real one on this site but it just a bit annoying.

no_more_heroes2553d ago

Make the battle system more involving, please, like the Mario and Luigi series. I don't want to ever be able to lay the controller down and play the game by tapping on the controller like a keyboard. Also, please don't invite Sargento into your recording booth this time...

-Gespenst-2552d ago

Aaaww no I was hoping they wouldn't have extra stuff for XIII save data. My PS3 recently Ylod'd so I lost all my saves including XIII. Urgh that's annoying...

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