GameSpy's Top 25 PC Games of the 2000s

Gazing back on the past decade of PC gaming (well, to be more precise, 2000-2009), we've seen a lot of amazing games, and a lot of equally amazing trends. The real-time strategy genre came into its own and evolved several times over, massively multiplayer online games hit critical mass, PopCap made us embrace casual gaming, and games such as BioShock and Portal redefined the way we looked at interactive storytelling.

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LunaticBrandon2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Interested in seeing 1-5.

Letros2877d ago

If I were to guess

Deux Ex, Crysis, World of Warcraft, Baldur's Gate 2, Company of Heroes, Bioshock will be in there.

Whoops that's 6!

MegaMohsi2876d ago

I think Starcraft 2 might make the list

Letros2876d ago

Ya easily, but I think they are stopping at 2009.

ATiElite2876d ago

Battlefield 2 at 21 is Bullshit and especially if they put Crysis in the top 5 which shouldn't be on this list at all.

Counter Strike came out in 1999 (HL Mod)

top 5 will include:
World of Warcraft
Deus Ex
Half Life 1 or Far Cry
Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl (if this game isn't on the list then Game Spy knows ZERO about PC games)

solar2876d ago

HL2 and CS should def be in the top 3.

Mista T2876d ago

Half Life 2 should have definitely been top 5

Ducky2876d ago

Not exactly a decade if you're going from 2000-2009... it should be from 2001-2010

Meh, not like anyone cares.

BIXOMAU2876d ago

Decades start at 0 and end at 9.

20's -> 1920-1929
30's -> 1930-1939
90's -> 1990-1999

So 2000-2009 is a decade. And yes, that's 10 years, count them.

Ducky2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

No, decades start at 1 to 10.

The reason is because there is no year '0'. So the first decade went from 1 to 10, the next decade was from 11 to 20, and so on.

That is why, the proper decade was from 2001 to 2010.
That's how the system works.

Though upon closer inspection, the article wasn't wrong. The 2000's mentioned in the title is not the same thing as the 201th decade, and loosely speaking, a decade can mean any span of 10 years.

Mista T2876d ago

my guess is Deus Ex for #1